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Thread: what once was lost now is found

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    what once was lost now is found

    10 years ago I had a kick ass 89 Mustang convertible that I used to drag race, legally, and not so legally. This was a time before I owned a digital camera, or even a cell phone. I had very few photos of this car. I had 'misplaced' most of them, until TODAY! The negatives are at a photo place, they are going to give me digital copies of them since I don't own a scanner. Even though it's only a few pictures, and nothing really great quality wise, I'm glad to have found them, and there are a few action shots too :-D

    should have them tomorrow! So excited. This was my favorite car I ever owned or driven, I Was 18-19 when I had it. I blew the transmission up in it street racing a WS6, luckily i was like 2 miles from my house, and was able to limp home in second gear on the shoulder. Opened up the tranny, looked like a hand grenade went off on the inside. I know why they call it 'grenaded'. Anyway over that winter I was having a custom transmission built to handle 500lb-ft of torque and someone broke into my garage and did a pick and pull. Most of the car was already apart, since I had the engine and transmission out, and the car up on jack stands. I filed a police report, home owners wouldn't cover it since they are fucking bastards and the garage wasn't attached to the house, and I only had liability on it. All in all they got around $8k worth of parts if not more. The car was later sold as a rolling chassing that didn't have wheels for $1500. The day it got stripped was one of two times I've shed tears in the last 10 years. Sad fucking day, miss that car.

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