Argh! Which part do I buy?

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Thread: Argh! Which part do I buy?

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    Argh! Which part do I buy?

    So... I'm currently taking a mechanic to court for fucking up my car, but in the meantime I've decided my brother and I are going to fix my car on our own. I'm buying a fusebox to replace the current one. That should be easy enough, I think that I can do it on my own. Just have to disconnect it from the battery and then uncrimp all the terminals, I think. Just label them and I'm golden. The thing that's throwing us for a loop is this:

    Uploaded with

    The thing that confuses us is that we know it's a radiator hose, but the thing that's broken is the joint and not the hose. I don't know if it's a whole assembly or what. But, the radiator upper hose and the radiator lower hose show the whole thing in most pages, so I'm not sure what I really need to buy.

    So, this is the "upper" Ford Taurus Gates Radiator Hose - 1996-2000 Ford Taurus - Gates W0133-1624435

    And this is the "lower": Ford Taurus Dayco Radiator Hose - 1997-2007 Ford Taurus - Dayco DY71936

    But they look the freakin same

    Let's not take into account all the hoses that don't show any connectors or whatever. I don't want to buy something expecting parts I won't really be getting. What the hell am I trying to buy? My brother is also mystified. His specialty is helicopters

    I think all I need is the joint? Connector doohick? I tried to get the part number off that part, but nothing is printed on it and I've been climbing all over the engine looking lol.

    It's a 1998 Ford Taurus Comfort SE. Halp please?

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    The thing in your hand, or the red wire with the loom around it?

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    I think it might be the thermostat housing, but the picture sucks...try posting a better one....

    I just looked at the pics the hoses you linked to. Yeah. that thing comes free with the upper hose, I'm almost certain

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    From the lame pic, it appears to be the upper Y piece (first link). Looks like he broke the bypass spigot.
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    Lol okay okay. I'll get a better pic while someone else holds the hood. That's a still from a video. The whorl piece that's surrounded by green. Looks like y.
    I'm guessing it's this upper Y piece thing, though.
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