Playing with the idea of learning to ride. Beginner questions!

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Thread: Playing with the idea of learning to ride. Beginner questions!

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    Playing with the idea of learning to ride. Beginner questions!

    Hey, guys...just looking for some thoughts here. To the best of my recollection, I've never been on a motorcycle least, not one that was actually running.

    However, I've seen a lot of scooters around Boston, and the other day, took notice of a Honda Ruckus parked down the street from my store. I did some reading up on it, and it sounds like it would be woefully underpowered, even for a city commuter I started doing some reading on actual motorcycles.

    I'm finding cruiser-style bikes to be the most aesthetically pleasing, but I'm a bit confused about some of the things I've been reading. Most places I've seen say that beginners should start with something around 250cc, but then I've seen a few mentions where that's more applicable to a sportbike (which I have no interest in), and that you could go a little bigger with a cruiser...I guess due to the heavier weight?

    That said, I'm broke as fuck, so if I was gonna do this, we're probably talking about a 250cc-ish, entry-level bike. I really like the looks of the 2012 Honda Rebel, for example, and I know Hondas are generally considered to be reliable. I've also read a little bit about 250cc cruisers from some other manufacturers, but I really have no idea what to be looking for.

    Pretty much, I'm thinking of something that would be a fuel-efficient commuter in the city, but is also capable of longer trips if needed.

    Seriously, though, how cool does this look?

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    That does look pretty badass

    My brother had one of those Honda Ruckusses, and yeah, it was pretty hilariously small and underpowered, especially with him being 6'1" and not exactly skinny

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    I've been doing some reading, and asking around, and I just took a trip up to a motorcycle dealer a few miles from my house to see some stuff in person.

    One of my coworkers who rides (he's got a larger Harley, I don't know exactly what) expressed concern that a 250 wouldn't be adequate, and that if I was looking at something that small, I should just get a Ruckus. Another coworker said he'd bought a Rebel for a girlfriend of his at one point, and he didn't really like it and that I should look at something bigger.

    The guy at the dealership said, though, that the Rebel sounds like it would probably be a really good option for what I'm after. I got to sit on it, too! (I don't think I'd ever even sat on a motorcycle before, so that was cool).

    It felt to me like it would be a good size and weight for me, and everything I've read about it has made it sound really appealing.

    If only I had the money....

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    As long as the bike feels good to you, go for it. 250cc is great for a beginner. I started on an old late 70s or early 80s Kawasaki 400cc street bike. Took to riding really quick on it then after about 6 months I really got the bug and wanted something bigger. So I went to a Yamaha dealer and test rode a Yamaha V-Max(1200cc). At the time it was the most powerful production street bike. It was a bit too much of a jump from the 400cc I was use to so I ended up just buying an '88 Honda Shadow VT1100 from a friend. It was like going from a moped to an over-powered tank on 2 wheels. It was awesome.

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    Wirelessly posted (like MAGIC!)

    Starting on something underpowered is a good way to get used to the feel with less risk of killing yourself right away.

    I know in Ontario, there's graduated licensing for motorcycle licenses, and you can't ride on major highways, which is mainly where you'd want more power. There are a TON of good starter bikes like Rebels available used, as people usually upgrade after a year or two.

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    From what I'm reading, and what the guy at the dealership said, the Rebel should be able to do ok on the interstate if needed....but I think the smaller state highways would make for safer and more interesting rides if I was gonna do a longer trip, right?

    For the New England guys...I'm talking like MA Rts. 1, 2, and 9, for example.

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    You will outgrow a 250 cc by the time you sign the loan docs.

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    a buddy bought a rebel for his gf to learn on. she can't ride for shit and was bored with it in a month.

    the good thing about 250's is that they pretty much don't lose value--- they just get sold ever 3 months to the next newb trying to learn.

    if you don't want to bother with the hassle, just get something in the 650 range like an SV.

    and remember, anything under 900 is like Diet soda-- just for the taste of it
    just passing through....

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