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Thread: My RC Car road to the Championships thread

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    My RC Car road to the Championships thread

    Anyone on my fb list, and a few of you from random posts around here have seen i race RC cars. Not just playing in the driveway, but competitively race 1/10 scale onroad touring cars with timing systems, class's, rules/regs, and whatnot. Some of you have asked a few questions about it, and who doesnt like fast geeky toys, cars and crashes.

    Normally i just race at the local club races, feb 22-24 we are hosting an indoor championship race with racers coming from over 1000km's away. It'll be on my home track but we are moving it to a nicer location for this race. i was gonna do a decent pic story about it, figured, hell.... i'll do a road to the championship thread

    I've been racing off and on, both on road and off road, for about 5 years. Now i only do onroad, offroad lost its appeal for a few reasons the last couple of years. I've been offered sponsorship a few times, but it's like music endorsments, a lot of restrictions and expense and generally not worth the effort. i do race with a few sponsored guys, including a 14 year old that podium's at national events against 40 year olds.

    I'm not sure the track dimensions, i'll get them, but it's about a basketball court with 8 foot wide lanes and 8ish corners (depends how you drive them, a few turn into 1 sweeper driven properly) we run 5 minute heats/mains with up to 6 cars on the track at once, and those of us running at the higher levels are hitting 50+ laps, 4-6 second lap times. Mod 'stock' class car hits 28mph down the straight and my open class car hits 45mph. We run a timing system that is similar to Kart racing, where each person has a personal transponder and a computer keeps track of laps, lap times, average lap, fastest lap, etc...

    I run 2 class's (Open and Stock), both are 1/10 scale electric touring cars with brushless motors and 2 cell 7.v lipo batteries. The cars are about 16" long and 7" wide, with the parts made of aluminum, steel and titanium for the metal parts, carbon plastic for the rest. We can adjust as much as an f1 car, if not more. Ride height, droop, camber, caster, toe, roll center, spring rates and shock fluid, sway bars, weight balance, gearing, steering ackerman and angle, and dozen's of body choices for different aero characteristics.

    Here's a few pics of one of my cars at the beginning of the season


    Chassis with no electronics on it

    with electronics minus battery

    some wheels/tires waiting for prep

    one of the bodies i painted to run this year

    Any questions, ask away! i'm gonna keep this updated with everything leading up to the championship, i have repairs to do from the last race yesterday, new parts on the way, i have a few bodies to paint for myself and a couple of other guys, and another race to do before the championships. i'll try to include pics of everything, and see if anyone has some video.

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    Noice - Tamiya has really stepped their game up. I remember going oto the Hobby Show in Toronto and getting a Tamiya TL-01 as it was their beginner kit and going nuts modifying it. Then eventually I got a TA-03R and raced it around the parking lot... once I moved not sure what my folks did to those two

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    Wirelessly posted ()

    There used to be a hobby shop near me with an indoor track. Fun as hell, but I was nowhere near your level. That car looks awesome!
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    Awesome dude! As a kid, I used to race the 1/32 mini tamiyas and I had a blast.

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    My RC Car road to the Championships thread

    Is this the kind of racing you do?

    I've never really paid attention to this sport, but after watching that video? Wow. That looks difficult.

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    Yup, that's what i do. Our track (video's below) our track isnt really that special, but we have pro level carpet (but it's OLD!!!). That video you posted though is outdoor on asphalt. pretty much the same, just the car setup varies as grip is totally different on asphalt vs the special carpet we are on

    it takes a lot of getting used to, and some skills to build up. and as the video mentioned, the speeds we quote arent scaled speed, that's actual, and since i'm running 1/10, my 42mph is a scaled speed of 420mmph and 5 minutes doesnt seem like a long time... till you are trying to be in total concentration with all that going on. i'm making (on a good lap) 5-15 throttle adjustments and constantly working the steering wheel to keep the car straight (rubber tires on carpet, low grip) as well as threading the needle threw 6-10 corners, in under 6 seconds... for 5 minutes straight, haha

    here's a couple of video's i found of our previous track layout. we've changed it around a bit mainly the middle section, and we run it the other direction now.

    [VIDEO] YikZXHC]11 Dec 2011 MRCR 1 - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    this one shows the direction we run it now, but the layout is the same as the other video. The orange car would be me, the other i think is one of the 13 year olds, lol
    [VIDEO] JtD6tvLRvdOaZcHHW0nTD6l]1 MRCR 26 Feb 2012 - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    here's an old video of one of our beginner class's
    [VIDEO]]11 Dec 2011 MRCR 6 - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    oh, a few notes on the 'class's'

    We run 3 at our club races, with one of them split again. All of them require a 6 cell nimh battery (though no one runs them) or a 2 cell lipo. And all but one require you to run our spec rubber tires, we chose 3 brands/models that have pretty much equal performance

    1st: 1/16th scale rally. It's a spec class for a certain model, a Traxxas rally. you can run any body made for the car, and change any parts except: the motor, speed controller and chassis, and you have to run either the stock tires or one of our spec tires.

    And motors are classified in 'turns'. higher number turns are slower, lower are faster. Turns is actually the amount of times a wire is wrapped around part of the motor.

    Next up is 'stock' which we've split into 2 (Stock and Sportsman). all the rules are the same, just 'stock' is beginners and 'sportsman' is experienced (in stock you have to consistently run a specified amount of laps to graduate up to Sportsman).
    "Stock" rules: any 1/10 4wd electric touring car, a 17 Turn motor, any of our spec tires. you can change anything else. Stock is the most competitive, as the cars are most closely matched, so it's more down to driver skill. though if you spend more money on any of the spec'd out things, you get higher quality ones.

    Last is 'Open/mod'. It's similar to Stock, except we can run any motor and any tire (rubber or foam). These cars are blistering fast. Mine is actually tuned way down, our track is really the perfect size for stock, most of the speed you gain in a faster motor is lost in additional braking, and they are harder to run smoothly.

    I run in the Sportsman and Open/Mod class's

    Race days are split.
    -we run a quick 10-15 minute practice session (no class's, just go run, so it can be crowded)
    -3-4 sets of heats/qualifiers. We run 1 heat per class, then start over. each one is 5 minutes, and scored based on lap count. You position in the main's is based on your fastest qualifier. so you are out with other people, but you are only racing the clock.
    -Mains. depending on the numbers we either run just an A main or a B main. If we have the numbers for it, we'll run a B main, and the top 1 or 2 in that will step up to the A main.

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    Good luck with the racing dude.

    I used to do a bit myself in the late 90's, I ran a Schumacher SST (the original one) and a full carbon & alloy Schumacher Cat2000. We had a couple of guys who raced professionally for the big manufacturer's running at our club, so I never had a hope in hell of getting high in the tables, but it was good fun. Our track was also carpet, but the track markers were old fireman's hose filled with some kind of heavy beads. That meant we had a different layout every week to keep us on our toes.
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