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Thread: 1970 Volvo 145e

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    1970 Volvo 145e

    Stated objectives:

    1) Forget the carb'd pushrod b20. Lets bring it into the 21st century with a fully electric power train. With that being said, I don't expect to go faster than 50mph or go a longer distance than 50 miles with a single charge. That's what ye 'olde fossil fuels are for.

    2) Fix the rust. This body is in much better shape than the 1971 (running, driving, inspected, registered) 145 I have in my possession.

    3) Commute to work (.7 miles), school (4.7 miles) and girlfriend's house (10 miles) with air conditioning.

    4) Be the coolest mother****er at Volvo meets.

    Lofty statements, eh? These ideas stimulate me MUCH more than a conventional engine rebuild like I've already done.

    This idea is less than a week old in conception. Thoughts in my mind include electric vacuum controllers (need brakes ), electric air conditioning, 12 car batteries, and e-volks.com

    Yes, they show the popular e-conversion... the VW bug. I aspire to do the same with an, albeit much heavier, car that I love the style of.

    Biggest hold back to an electric conversion was the idea of a physical shifter going away... Automatic sux! I understand the operation of the 145e would most likely be select 2nd gear and roll, but the idea that I can change gears if I want is the most important.

    Seeing as the conversion will definitely go over $5k and likely touch $10k, this is in purely conceptual stage right now. Which is why I throw it to the various automotive forums I'm on... shit-storm, 3... 2... 1...
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    "We need to inject cash into this project, its too big to fail now."

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    Kick ass project. Definitely be watching this as it progresses.

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    Location: Dallas, Texas
    ME: 1984 b23f
    MA: Fender Rust
    MB: Volvo 145
    Rig: Glasspack

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    Thanks, kinda got a few concepts in line-

    I'll have to farm out the fabrication and welding work. The electric motor-transmission adapter plate (which is supplied in a kit by companies like e-volks) would need to be drilled for my particular bell housing. Some sort of mounting system (I am vague because that's quite the distance from transmission to engine x-member...) will have to be fabricated. Battery trays for both inside the engine bay and the rear cargo compartment of the wagon will have to be considered and, eventually, fabricated.

    I can do the funding (time to sell of the turbo parts, the b20 parts, the carb parts, etc!), assembly and wiring. I guess I finally need to buy that hydraulic crimper from Harbor freight, instead of returning it after every use.

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    Kick arse choice of car and brave choice on the electric conversion. Personally I'd have stuck a T5 in there, but then I'm a power fiend at heart. Albeit a frustrated one stuck driving a diesel Corolla Verso, but that's what I get for having 3 kids.
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    Location: Dallas, Texas
    ME: 1984 b23f
    MA: Fender Rust
    MB: Volvo 145
    Rig: Glasspack

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    Hiding at the girlfriend's house:


    Long term storage:

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    Fucking cool! I'll be watching this one!

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    Location: Dallas, Texas
    ME: 1984 b23f
    MA: Fender Rust
    MB: Volvo 145
    Rig: Glasspack

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    Aaaaaand joined the diyelectriccar.com forums.

    Essential Parts

    Donor Car
    Batteries, Lead , Lithium, or Others
    Charge Controller (AKA Charger)
    Motor, DC or AC
    Motor Controller or Inverter
    Shaft Coupler
    Adapter Plate
    DC-DC converter/12V Charger
    Battery/Motor cables & connectors
    Throttle signal

    Conditionally Necessary Parts

    Battery Management System/Battery Monitoring System (BMS)
    Brake Upgrades
    Front and Rear Sprocket (motorcycle)
    Motor mount
    SOC Gauge/monitor

    Recommended Parts

    Circuit Breaker/Emergency disconnect
    Temperature sensor(s)
    Inertia switch
    12V AUX Battery
    Motor/controller cooling
    Battery Box(es)
    Battery Insulation
    AH Counter
    Suspension Springs
    Heat Shrink
    J1772 Connector

    Optional Parts

    Low Rolling Resistance Tires
    Power Steering
    Solar Panel(s)

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    you have quite some time on your hand!

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