Anyone have tire advice or recommendations?

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Thread: Anyone have tire advice or recommendations?

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    Anyone have tire advice or recommendations?

    So as shared from my other thread, I just acquired some period correct wheels for my old Mercedes! and since I know you guys are smart about cars, I thought I would gather your opinion on tires.

    I'm looking to spend $80-90 per tire as I would rather put the cash saved towards stiffer springs to drop my ride height about 1.5" or so.

    The tire size I'm going for is 205/50/16...
    Thinking Kumho Ecsta 4x or the Sumitomo HTR A/S P01.

    Hankooks and Continentals crossed my mind but the Hankooks don't seem to fair as well in rain and the Continentals I've heard wear prematurely; even their warranty is crap compared (at least the Continental DW model). With that said I'm mainly looking for performance w/o getting something noisy like some Yokohamas out there (my dad had them on his 300C when he had that car, and returned them within 2 days because of the road noise). I'd spend the money on Michelins or BFGoodrich if I had it but alas, my budget is limited after buying these wheels.

    Thanks dudes, just looking to gather any experience or suggestion on brand or models.

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    I love Michelins, but yeah, a little pricey.

    We had a set of Kumho Ecstas on our MINI, and they were the loudest tires I've ever experienced. We junked them after one season. I've had good experiences with Continentals, and if you compare them with other tires on TireRack, their tread wear ratings are quite reasonable.

    But dedicated summer tires will always wear more quickly than all-seasons. That's part of the trade off with summer tires not sucking.

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    The hankook v12's are really good. they aren't that bad in the rain.... yeah, its no all season tire, but you can float down the highway at 75+ in normal rain without issues. downpours, you gotta slow it down as it can't channel it away fast enough.
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    These are what I have. A lil bit above your budget.

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