Some bastard sideswiped my car

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Thread: Some bastard sideswiped my car

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    Some bastard sideswiped my car

    Had a call from my Dad this morning, he's noticed someone's sideswiped the passenger side of my car. Can only have happened while I was out picking up my sofa last night as it wasn't there when I left to get it. Didn't notice it last night as it was dark and I didn't go past the passenger side of the car after I left home.

    Won't find out how bad the damage is until I get home tonight, but it sounds like I'm going to have to fork out the excess on my insurance to get it fixed. Just what I didn't need right as I'm about to move!
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    You have the absolute worst luck, man

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    I know how you feel. A few years back we had some bad snow and some fuck head came down the hill too fast and as he/she turned into our road they hit the rear driver side wing of my Focus and scraped along side it. Because of the snow I didn't notice it till I noticed some thing wasn't quite right.

    Left no details, I was fucking pissed.

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    I hate it when stuff like this happens.

    I got my new car in March, and some stupid fucker on a bike scratched the door in april, I had to get it fixed , but damn this shit is annoying. I wish I'd have caught the fucker who scratched it (unless he was much bigger than I ).

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    Miss Fathead picked up a new Fusion Sport last year. Two weeks later on the way home from Mother's Day some unseen animal crashes into the side of the car while we are going down the road and fucks everything up. Off to the body shop. Gets out of the body shop and two days later some dickhead goes full on ballistic in the KFC drive thru, throws it in reverse, and mashes it to the floor sending us back to the body shop. WHAT? NO POT PIES?
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