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  1. New Metallica...
  2. ...
  3. 6th rule
  4. Chris and Drew
  5. Load/Reload Era Metallica
  6. 10-03-2008
  7. Petrucci's Suspended Animation
  8. MG.ORG Inaugural Interview: Ben Carroll of Ra
  9. New Trivium's pretty good
  10. Bruce Dickinson: orchestral version of 'Tears of the Dragon'
  11. I just heard the worst song ever.
  12. Questions for Dino Cazares
  13. Devin Townsend
  14. Cool bands you find on myspace
  15. type o negative...
  16. Diamanda Galas appreciation thread...
  17. Most Underrrated Testament disc
  18. Tom McLean solo clips...
  19. Joey Tafolla live video
  20. Concerts attending.
  21. Chop Sticks
  22. Reeves Gabrels appreciation
  23. Orchestra + Beer = Win
  24. Pretty cool percussion ensemble piece.
  25. The best thing RATT ever did~
  26. Steve Vai appreciation thread
  27. Acapella Rage Against the Machine?
  28. Jamie Hunt, ex-Biomechanical
  29. Ron Thal and Guthrie Govan jam.
  30. Reeeeeeeally old Ron Thal lesson video...
  31. TJ Helmerich on Japanese TV.
  32. Paul Bielatowicz: Flight of the Bumblebee, Wallace and Gromit, and Giant Steps live.
  33. I saw Virgin Black, Samael, and Amorphis last night.
  34. I am on a WASP kick lately.
  35. And a little VAST appreciation.
  36. Crazy acoustic shred with thumb-pick
  37. I am administering..
  38. Krallice anyone?
  39. Holy fucking shit, this song kicks ass. (Symphony X content)
  40. This site's been along for how long and there's no King Diamond threads?
  41. Fripp + Bowie = oodles of win!
  42. Good writeup on Metallica's DM sound quality and the loudness wars
  43. Soilwork
  44. Man, best chorus ever.
  45. Converge
  46. Veil Of Maya
  47. Van Canto - five singers, one drummer
  48. The "You're not Metal unless you have this album!" thread.
  49. Scott McGill/Michael Manring: Live fusion stuff.
  50. Dream Theater's new dvd Chaos In Motion
  51. What are you listening to?
  52. So i have a new Project/band...
  53. I think I'm starting to enjoy figure-skating...
  54. Scar Symmetry find not one, but TWO new singers!
  55. My palm muting > Jeff's palm muting.
  56. Not Metal, But Extremely Funny!
  57. This is not an exit
  58. Darkane
  59. Slayer, meet, meet Slayer.
  60. One of my favorite bands: First Reign
  61. Just Posted A Solo
  62. I've been playing with one less string lately
  63. New evergrey vid
  64. My favorite Anthrax tune...
  66. DAMIEN
  67. The best of the Phoenix bands (videos)
  68. Hum's "You'd Prefer an Astronaut"
  69. New Unearth full album on their myspace.
  70. CD Haul, Style.
  71. Went to Carcass last night
  72. Mournful Congregation
  73. Who loves the probot?
  74. Mike Reno has got some pipes
  75. The inaugural MG.ORG meetup picstory. (56k, no fucking way, 120 pics)
  76. On a Tom Waits bender....
  77. so pissed...
  78. 7 string Shred Vids
  79. help me find the movie so i can find the song
  80. NEW Faceless song online!
  81. Porcupine Tree
  82. Alice In Chains
  83. Free Hate Eternal XL shirt
  84. Alestorm (pirate metal inside, arrr)
  85. Ra
  86. so, i went to see Iced Earth last night
  87. Divine Heresy Bleed The Fifth video
  88. Origin
  89. The final countdown: awesome edition
  90. 15 Years ago today
  91. Was anyone else at Satriani/Mountain in Boston the other night?
  92. Four Tops singer dies
  93. Who's going to see Amon Amarth in Worcester tonight?
  94. Wishbone Ash
  95. Amon Amarth tonight in Philly! BE THERE!
  96. Pandora is "on" today!
  97. doom metal band/song recommendation
  98. Anacrusis...
  99. Samples of my current project
  100. If you could take guitar lessons from any guitarist...
  101. The most beautiful choir piece you'll ever hear... (Eric whitacre's Sleep)
  102. SikTh generally own...
  103. Chinese Democracy release date announced!!
  104. Seventh Son video footage
  105. And now we appreciate Hands All Over.
  106. Reasons why Dream Evil's life is better than yours
  107. Buckethead and That1Guy
  108. This video never gets old
  109. We need us some more X Japan...
  110. Full on Muppet brutallity
  111. Styx Mr. Roboto
  112. Time to evil this place up...
  113. My band - Chasm, give us a listen!!
  114. Anyone pick up the new Amon Amarth album?
  115. New Rough Track
  116. The coolest thing you will ever see
  117. The last one on the bus....
  118. Little video comparison between a Rectoverb and an Axe-Fx Recto New model!
  119. Voivod meets Cult Of Luna - it's Alchemist time!
  120. Would this be stupid or endearing...
  121. Francis Dunnery: lap-style tapping solo
  122. Sea Breast (Funny Mastodon vid)
  123. Interesting Extreme Band THread
  124. So the web developer at work says to me that he doesn't like Dio...
  125. Don't you hate when you break a string when you're working on something epic
  126. So the java developer at work says to me he doesn't like Ozzy...
  127. When they were God-like
  128. Some mood music
  129. So the processor at work says to me that he doesn't like Color Me Badd...
  130. Steve Morse owns your soul...
  131. So the guy sitting next to me said he didn't like Britney Spears.
  132. Brian Setzer wails.
  133. I guess I AM bringing the metal back.
  134. How do you play bass with this in your finger?
  135. so my band are supporting Black Dahlia in glasgow next year
  136. Working security at the Lynch demo tonight
  137. In this thread we will appreciate Chris Poland's awesomeness...
  138. In this thread we will appreciate ZZ Top
  139. Worst GUITAR Player in WORLD - HORRIBLE Player
  140. Which SYL CD should I buy?
  141. Awesome version of YYZ
  142. 16volt...
  143. TJ Helmerich studio jam.
  144. Confession - I've been on a Jack White kick
  145. DR's acoustic jam...
  146. 6505/6505+ Differences
  147. God, I forgot how much fun this was...
  148. The Rules Of Metal
  149. Ron Jarzombek videos...
  150. I'm listening to Porcupine Tree's 'On the Sunday of Life'...
  151. Devin dilemma, part deux.
  152. My band's demo is done
  153. New Adagio song online!
  154. Which Protest the Hero CD?
  155. Distressed_romeo now on Soundclick!
  156. Confession - I've been on a Curt Cobain kick
  157. In this thread, we worship Mr. Bungle.
  158. Another confession - I really like Bullet For My Valentine
  159. Confession - I've been on a Seals & Crofts kick
  160. Keratose
  161. You know, I love Steven Wilson (Opeth content)
  162. I just remembered how awesome da Priest are...
  163. A blast from the past - my old band
  164. Steve Howe videos...
  165. Seventh Son doing Phantom of the Opera & Wrathchild
  166. Nevermore's Year of the voyager is fucking amazing!
  167. Official Appreciation Thread: Opeth - Deliverance
  168. The Live Tool Video Thread
  169. Lil vid of my drummer from last night
  170. Song Title Game
  171. Yet another confession....
  172. Terry Syrek shred video
  173. Machine Head - Hallowed be thy name
  174. The Greatest Music Video Ever (NWS)
  175. Dragonforce trying to play Dragonforce
  176. Something I would love to hear.
  177. Kamelot Appreciation Thread
  178. Click thread, click play, commence with metal face-making.
  179. 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' 8 finger style.
  180. One of the coolest covers I've ever heard - Okkervile River, "John Allyn Smith Sails"
  181. Picstory: Paul Gilbert Live in Dudley (56k = Not A Sexual Tyrannosaurs, Like Me)
  182. Anyone remember Liege Lord?
  183. Just a classic
  184. I'm feeling a bit nastalgic today
  186. Night on Bald Mountain ... Classical Shred Wins!
  187. Anyone into Another Black Day?
  188. In this thread we will discuss Blue Oyster Cult's awesomeness...
  189. How to be a killer Doom Metal band.
  190. What do YOU think makes 'heavy music"?
  191. You are not a Metllica fan unless you buy this...
  192. Testament + Priest = Win.
  193. Holy shit... talk about dynamics!
  194. I am loving this song right now
  195. Whoa, Did a Piano just fly over me?
  196. This.....
  197. Heavy Metal Monk
  198. Stevie Wonder plays "Superstition" live on Sesame Street
  199. Heavy Metal Farmer
  200. Horri phucking chit!!!
  201. Confession
  202. I don't think I'll ever get tired of this
  203. Nuno Bettencourt live solo
  204. Post pics of your favorite metal guitarist!
  205. My band finished our 5-song demo today. Take a listen!
  206. In this thread we will appreciate Coroner!
  207. Satch playing with that Canonrock guy on youtube live
  208. I'm watching the Porcupine Tree 'Arriving Somehwere...' DVD
  209. Recommend me some d00m!
  210. Chaosanct I of Goliath EP available on Ebay
  211. Praxis!
  212. Greatest Shit Ever
  213. Amy Lee
  214. Video of my new band.
  215. \m/
  216. This tune is awesome
  217. Dimmu covering Burn In Hell
  218. A lesson in how to break, brought to you by BOO.
  219. Lamented Souls
  220. Gig tonight
  221. TAKE HOLD
  222. More Queensryche Greatness
  223. Interesting Maiden Cover
  224. Price Matching @ with their 30/30 policy: A Joke
  225. Edroz strat vid!
  226. Accept appreciation thread...
  227. Withersoul shameless promotion
  228. Got Bored: Here's an audio clip via the ADA
  229. Styx - "The Grand Illusion" Appreciation Thread
  230. Speaking of killer covers.
  231. AC/DC in Tacoma, WA.(my job p. II)56k... sure. Go for it!
  232. In this thread... Dokken!
  233. Ted Greene appreciation thread
  234. Sonseed
  235. Frank Gambale--Spike's Song
  236. Peter Steele on Jerry Springer
  237. I'm shocked, Frankly.
  238. Why Testament is full of win
  239. Biographies of win.
  240. You really don't get much more satanic than Aeon.
  241. DevilDriver, Lamb Of God, KSE & Soilwork covering 5 Minutes Alone
  242. Dec 4th, 2004
  243. What song are you trying to learn currently?
  244. How did I end up here?
  245. Fifteen years ago today...
  246. and in this thread... Northern Kings!
  247. Music suits can't get into
  249. John Petrucci == Count Tyrone Rugen?
  250. All my banked goodwill for Metallica is completely gone now (concert review)