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  1. Theory Links
  2. More and more hybrid picking is creeping into my playing...
  3. An observation about sweep-picking...
  4. Would anyone be interested in me writing this article for this site?
  5. Fur Elise tabbed for eight-finger seven-string by me.
  6. Composition and structure - help me!
  7. Good guitar books thread
  8. Advice would be welcome...
  9. Mr. Fast Finger Interviews 'Trooch
  10. Contribute with your favorite licks/approaches to soloing!
  11. Tab for my song "Abandon All Hope" :)
  12. Betcha Can't Play This - Michael Romeo
  13. Writing music at work
  14. writing beyond ones ability
  15. The theory behind Per Nilsson
  16. Last night I had my ass handed to me by a little old man playing a piece of sh*t.
  17. floyd tip
  18. Help me regain my playing speed!
  19. Live 1-on-1 guitar lessons w Ben of Ra..Available EVERYWHERE!
  20. Theory, scales, excersize HELP!?!?!
  21. Practice Concept: Building a Pedal Point
  22. Notes or fingering patterns?
  23. Hey bassists - right hand fingerstyle technique?
  24. Hybrid Picking or "Chicken Pickin'" lessons
  25. Learned my modes by accident yesterday..
  26. Nothing like a hangover to make you feel like you can't play
  27. I love power chords with added 9ths.
  28. Legato talk
  29. Idea I just had for DADGAD scales.
  30. Really good article on Joni Mitchell's tunings and techniques.
  31. Got My Butt Kicked in Jazz Class Yesterday
  32. Gimme some unique jazz chords.
  33. Learning to shred...(building speed)
  34. A fun trick I accidentally discovered
  35. Another classical transcription by DR...
  36. Recommendations for instructional guitar dvd's/books?
  37. Frantic Disembowelment
  38. Damn writers block
  39. Modern Legato Licks v2.0
  40. Unusual chords for metal rhythm.
  41. Page Hamilton's new DVD
  42. How close to tempo is close enough?
  43. Give me your tired, your poor, your fingerstyle etudes...
  44. Unusual chords for clean playing.
  45. The Hindu Pentatonic...
  46. The outro fucking solo from Bark at the moon
  47. Brett Garsed lesson on the melodic minor modes for blues.
  48. Transcribing Emperor from a video/tab
  49. Strumming Location?
  50. The Pinch Harmonic Thread
  51. Two hand touchstyle exercises
  52. Guthrie Govan tells you why you need to use a rigid pick, and close your picking hand
  53. Noob question.
  54. Left hand improvement techniques?
  55. Thoughts on alternate picking, and a few videos I've found helpful
  56. Harmonization exercises?
  57. Don Lappin eight-finger tapping lesson.
  58. All Heptatonics and Octatonics
  59. Does your playing style ever cramp you?
  60. New George Lynch lesson.
  61. High Intensity Practice?
  62. Wah-ing with the tone control...
  63. How to play in 2-guitar bands
  64. Non-bluesy pentatonic ideas...
  65. Chris Broderick 8-finger tapping.
  66. Page Hamilton DVD...
  67. Incredible eight-finger technique...
  68. Triplet picking question.
  69. A pretty neat beginners site
  70. New Greg Howe lesson.
  71. Changing your picking style...
  72. So my first show is a week from tomorrow…
  73. Interesting read on wah technique...
  74. Tendinitis
  75. Arranger's block?
  76. Interesting lick/technique - MP3 example
  77. Some new techniques I've been messing with...
  78. Partial capos.
  79. Mixing tapped and fretted notes
  80. Playing lead in Open C tuning...
  81. Straight fourths tuning
  82. Good technique day. \m/
  83. Ben Carroll legato lesson (vid)
  84. Launching a new metal guitar magazine
  85. Arranging!
  86. Alternative way of combinding picking and legato...
  87. Psyopus guitarist's tapping tuition book.
  88. Vibrato + fast riffing
  89. Letting the Devil Out. Tritone and stuff \m/
  90. 6 tone extended minus 7th
  91. That pesky major third revisited...
  92. Ben Carroll mini-chord/scale lesson
  93. What is this melody? (vid)
  94. Bass Playing: Fingers
  95. Obsidian C. Guitar Clinic.
  96. upright bass bowing
  97. Need suggestions on this...
  98. Faking classical technique with a pick.
  99. Help!
  100. Metal Scales
  101. Harmony help
  102. Attn: Drew. My legato is coming for you.
  103. You guys need to try this ASAP
  104. Clemenzi Master Class Sample Video
  105. Palm Muting
  106. Starting to teach guitar lessons
  107. Need to make routine
  108. would you guys check out my playing?
  109. 8 string noob tuning question!
  110. The "Critique my Technique" thread
  111. 8 String videos that aren't Meshuggah/Djent boring snoozefests
  112. 8 string slide resonator.
  113. After 25 years of playing guitar, I finally decide to try
  114. Proper picking technique
  115. Help playing clean
  116. The beauty of being in a cover band...
  117. Pinch Harmoincs
  118. Charts I made for Drop 2/3 and Drop 2/4 voicings.
  119. Becoming the bassist?
  120. goal tracker
  121. Hendrix Videos From Guitar World
  122. Guitar Teachers: What to do when your student breaks his arm
  123. Left and right hand synchronization
  124. Transcribers and teachers: fantastic transcription software for Mac
  125. new Troy Stetina interview
  126. A whole new appreciation for Billy Gibbons
  127. Moderately difficult classical songs that aren't Canon in D
  128. Sweep picking help please...
  129. Some stuff to practice.. that doesn't require a metronome.
  130. A way to look at practicing arpeggios and sweep picking.. with a dash of theory.
  131. What to do at a gig when you need to fill time (video and shred content)
  132. Teachers: Essential Cover Songs
  133. My technique - Breaking it down and looking for lots of advice to improve!
  134. Celtic guitar lessons.
  135. Open-string scales in DADGAD tuning.
  136. A Lesson On 5/4 Time, Jazz Music, and Irony
  137. Textures: 'Inside the song...'
  138. what to do while thumb is broken???
  139. Reducing string noise with gain?
  140. Writing and arranging for two guitars...
  141. Troy Stetina Digital Guitar Magazine
  142. Do you have a teacher? Don't come in sick!
  143. Newb question about 7 string gtrs
  144. How to get started playing metal guitar.
  145. Soloing for a beginner, technique, tips, etc.
  146. Fingerstyle bass question
  147. right hand technique help - rhytm playing
  148. Open strings in rhythm? To mute or not to mute?
  149. Is Your Practice Routine Working?
  150. Fifths tuning
  151. Scratchy noise when changing power chords and a guitar teacher rant
  152. The alternate picking thread!
  153. Guitar Master Class: The Termination Proclamation with Attila Voros
  154. Finger separation
  155. Joey Tafolla Instructional Vids
  156. Who dugged Andy james lick library ?
  157. Four note per string lead playing.
  158. Thinking about hanging it up
  159. Anyone here living on Long Island, NY?
  160. In this thread we will discuss quartals, quintals, and other non-tertiary harmony
  161. New way of playing arpeggios I was playing around with last night...
  162. Right hand open or closed?
  163. Modes Explained & Basic Music Theory- My First Contribution
  164. Talk to me about sweep picking
  165. Software to organize practicing
  166. Marty Friedman picking technique.
  167. For whom the Tabs Toll...
  168. Any good slap bass resources?
  169. How would everyone go about picking this?
  170. Live (online) Lessons? (any legit ones?)
  171. not such a perfect circle
  172. question about backing tracks and drums
  173. marty friedman economy pick?
  174. Practicing with a metronome..
  175. Switching between positions 2 and 4 on a five-way switch...
  176. what are some of your cool experiments?
  177. a real good informative site for music theory
  178. Guitar Lesson - John Petrucci - Rock Discipline
  179. Becoming less finger retarded?
  180. strangest thing you have done while playing
  181. Thoughts on Practice
  182. New fingering I was just messing around with for the chromatic scale.
  183. Guitar Backing Track Software
  184. Haunted Shores chord lesson.
  185. Increasing Alt picking
  186. Soloing in Open C?
  187. MG Guitar Tool Box - Useful Links Inside
  188. Best Metronome Articles I've ever read..
  189. Soop's Pentatonic School
  190. How to improve technique?
  191. any GP5 files on Legato playing and or doing sweeps?
  192. Going to school in one solo...
  193. Any Odd Time Signature Fans In Here?
  194. Before there were instructional vids (probably)...
  195. New guitar based website
  196. How do you get this guitar sound?
  197. Steve Vai - 'World's Largest Online Guitar Lesson'
  198. Per Nilsson lessons.
  199. Guitar Messenger - Per Nilsson Masterclass
  200. Fingerboard scale diagrams for 7 string
  201. Symmetrical tetratonic scale.
  202. The cure for lazy ring/middle fingers?
  203. Pinch harmonics... holding the pick?
  204. Your three best pointers of advice you wish you knew when you were starting to play
  205. Finger/hand orientation when playing up the neck
  206. Looking for: Online bass tabs/lessons
  207. Starting Lessons in 2 weeks...
  208. Warm up time?
  209. Sucking or not. sucking.
  210. What time signature would this be?
  211. New Troy Stetina DVD
  212. Writing metal riffs
  213. Really good chord/scale finder
  214. TY Tabor King's X lesson/video on GW this month
  215. Lets Talk About Anchoring!
  216. Starting ear training
  217. Close-up vids of Devin Townsend playing some DTP stuff...
  218. Weird thing I noticed when watching Jeff Loomis' DVD yesterday.
  219. how do bands follow each other
  220. instead of trying to remember every note on the fretboard
  221. Cheating?
  222. Arm / Wrist alternate picking
  223. Dance of Eternity?
  224. Developing a Good Vibrato?
  225. Building a Solid Practice Routine?
  226. Note counting with a metronome?
  227. wanna start to learn
  228. Learning to play, the right way?!
  229. Great Blues article by Paul Gilbert
  230. place for sharing methods and dvd links
  231. Zelda dungeon lick...
  232. 3NPS driving me crazy.
  233. ATTN: BUDDA
  234. Need something to practice
  235. Noob needs more help
  236. learning question
  237. Tricks for thickening out single note riffs?
  238. Learning the notes of the fretboard
  239. How long did it take you to master sweep picking?
  240. How often do you pay attention to your picking hand?
  241. Mastering strumming momentum
  242. White Zombie - Soul Crusher help??
  243. Using counterpoint?
  244. Handy list of Arpeggio shapes
  245. Thrash Metal
  246. Backing tracks
  247. Need some 3-4 string arpeggios/sweep stuff
  248. Wanting to improve my lead playing.
  249. Recommend me a DVD
  250. String crossing in Alternate Picking