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  1. Check out a rough song from my band
  2. something i'm working on
  3. My music for you to hear.
  4. Line6 Gearbox plugin deal until the 30th.
  5. demo of guitar duet part (real pretty)
  6. I'm actually recording. (video inside)
  7. N(R)GD
  8. Acoustic recording (test) with the 8Pre and small diaphragm condenser
  9. Recording: How much cut/paste do you use?
  10. Recommend me a drum trigger setup
  11. Obligatory NGD again.
  12. ... NGD #3
  13. Ampeg SVX
  14. Sonar/MIDI question
  15. Nylon recording dialin (mp3 inside)
  16. new JSX clips up!
  17. Looking for a good PodXT lead tone
  18. Recording Tips and Software Needed
  19. Does anyone enjoy listening to their music, feel bad, but do it anyway?
  20. Putting Lipstick on the Line6 Pig
  21. NI battery 3 problems - please help?
  22. Bulb - Rough new Teaser from the Rock Project! (just poppin the cherry!)
  23. Something new I'm working on - feedback appreciated
  24. My "Blackened" cover
  25. Bulb - Got my Axefx Ultra! Short Clip with it!
  26. New Mattayus trizack! [RG7620, Painkillers, PodXT, METUHL!]
  27. new song i've been working on...
  28. VST's that don't suck
  29. Bulb - New Axefx Ultra Clip
  30. Recabinent - the end all, be all of impulses
  31. Some goofy Blackout Bridge clips (MH-307 & randall...)
  32. George Lynch 80s Recording
  33. Something a bit different... (BKP, POD Farm, etc)
  34. critique my playing please - video
  35. An older piece revisited, for your review...
  36. Line6 POD Farm
  37. New Project Im Working On!
  38. Finally done a song with Superior 2.0 :)
  39. My new "album"
  40. Need monitor signal routing solution
  41. Hey Chris, and anyone else who has an iPhone or iPod Touch v.2
  42. Reaper
  43. Bulb/Periphery - Rerecorded "Light" for fun! Up on Periphery myspace!
  44. My new Demo
  45. Recording using your computers Mic Input
  46. Need Major Interface Help
  47. Latest Rough Mix - 80s Style Ballad
  48. New mix day - Cold Sweats, Invader, Recabinet, Superior2
  49. Something old
  50. New Rough Backing Track
  51. Added Vocals to one of my bands songs (Black Metal)
  52. a couple more Axe FX tests.. one is a tech riff in G yeaaaah
  53. Bulb - New Rough Axefx Ultra Clip! Rerecorded Tiger!
  54. i made a new song idea! :D
  55. Good inexpensive drum mics?
  56. New Axe FX tune - "Forward Progress" - Superior2/SLS/BKPs
  57. Fooling around in Reaper - new Mp3
  58. Ribbon mics
  59. Finally got around to trying that Nady RS-4 ribbon the other night (mp3 content)
  60. wall mounts for monitors
  61. Tips for Mic Recording
  62. Bulb/OMNOM - New OMNOM Song Up On Myspace!!
  63. Mattayus: My grunge/hard rock side-project, come check out the 1st song!
  64. So after hearing about Reaper so much I decided to try it.
  65. Bulb/OMNOM - Back with another OMNOM song! Up on Myspace!
  66. Some stuff - Rhythm+Lead Patch
  67. I Maed a new electronica song! hear it!
  68. I'm hooked on ribbon mics (mp3 content v 3.0)
  69. My recorded tone = trainwreck
  70. asio4all
  71. So, I'm still not happy with my bass tone. Pointers?
  72. I've got EZ Drummer expansion pack GAS
  73. Rough mix of one of my new songs
  74. New recording: acoustic & clean sadness :/
  75. axefx deathgrinder
  76. Bulb - Heliovice with Vocals uploaded to myspace!
  77. Short mix test/new song teaser - check it out
  78. An older song with some vocals from a vocalist - short clip
  79. what's the best recorded POD(XT) tone you've heard?
  80. NI Kore Player, plus free Kore Pack for Christmas
  81. Hylian Metal Returns! Fairy Cave Theme
  82. So I think I had a breakthrough last night....
  83. DJs first blues recording
  84. New song
  85. Drew, I throw down the gauntlet
  86. Metalguitarist Album Contest - who's interested?
  87. Bulb - In Mauritius! New Djentlemen Clip with the Axefx!
  88. Bulb - Unleash The Pwnies! Kinda on the crazy side...
  89. New song/direct recording mix test - Invader/Recabi/Superior
  90. Need some help
  91. New track - first with PRS Baritone
  92. Another new song
  93. Ryan & Matt Recording Picstory! [DM content]
  94. Another new song (need feedback)
  95. A song with vocals clean & heavy!
  96. Clip with almost polyrhythmic stuff
  97. New tune
  98. A new tune and mix!
  99. Skein! New clip. Let me know what you think. :wub:
  100. Bulletbass Man's Recordings
  101. Suck 'em right off
  102. Exporting midi to wav from Cubase
  103. Need PodX3 Recording Help Again
  104. Fun with the Fender 15G Frontman Practice Amp (Kreator Content)
  105. Bulb - New pretty and clean song, probably for OMNOM (Axefx cleans!)
  106. Great read - "Proper Audio Recording Levels"
  107. Power Rangers Theme!
  108. Another Kreator Cover!
  109. Holy shit, I just tried phase-aligning multi-mic tracks
  110. New Mattayus track! [modded 7321, Venom 7, impulses, face!]
  111. Another new Mattayus track! [I'm as prolific as UK teen pregnancies lately!]
  112. Quicky mix test! Invader/S2/new kick
  113. Bulb - New Ambient Groove Song! (Blackmachine B6, Axefx)
  114. Drum Programming Pointers?
  115. Blexican here with something random for you
  116. A Sample Of My Godly Bass Tone
  117. BULB/PERIPHERY - "The Walk" with vocals uploaded to myspace!
  118. Oppressive and moody new electronica from the MF_Kitten!
  119. Probably the best mix I've done to date...
  120. New fully finished Mattayus track! Come get ya groove on!
  121. New song! drop F tuning, Agile baritone!
  122. New angry-ass Mattayus track! Again! (my fav tone so far I think)
  123. Binaural Recording
  125. another new song: "Passive Resistance" (first S2.0 mix!)
  126. Brand new Mattayus track! [thrash/death/black/trip-hop/blues ...wait... what!?]
  127. Bulb - New project "Snuggles" with Nolly and short TIL 8 string groove!
  128. Holy shit, I found some seriously old recordings (warning: high suck content)
  129. Critique my bass track
  130. First few Tracks on my Carvin 727
  131. NSD: New Software Day.
  132. TC Helicon
  133. I get to beta test the TC Helicon Voice Live 2
  134. Bulb/OMNOM - New OMNOM song! (Blackmachine/AxeFx content)
  135. Something Different - 70s Rock with a hint of blues.
  136. Old recording - perhaps a new work-in-progress
  137. Couple of clips from my groove-grunge side project
  138. Thalamusik from Sanxion (C64 music content)
  139. Some demo clips of film/tv/game stuff I've done since Christmas
  140. Bulb - A new song up on myspace and soundclick! (Axefx, Jp6, BKP Painkiller)
  141. Attention Reaper fans!
  142. Completely new version of a really old song
  143. Slipperman's Recording Distorted Guitars From Hell
  144. Bulb - Short Clip with my Blackmachine F8 (Axefx. S2.0)
  145. Article about avoiding over-compressing a mix
  146. New clip of a song I'm working on, a rather melodic effort for a change!
  147. Quick video of our guitarist Adam Huck
  148. Bulb and Jake Bowen with a new chill electronic clip!
  149. Where to start when making a studio?
  150. Underlying Rhythmic Tracks within other Tracks
  151. NI Komplete 5 "Kompletely Insane" deal
  152. New Darkadian track (stupid amount of guitars)
  153. Periphery - Black Or White
  154. Recording Done entirely on laptop
  155. Surfing with the Alien - Satch Cover
  156. Satriani-esque Jam
  157. Eidetic Blur - New track uploaded(7 string grooves)
  158. Propellerhead Record Open Beta
  159. Hey - Wanna be on the next Division album?
  160. I got ToonTrack Metal Foundry! (Clip & short review)
  161. Good video for recording/micing guitar
  162. In My Dreams *Cover* (Children of the 80s)
  163. In My Dreams *REDO* (Children of the 80s)
  164. My turn. In My Dreams ('80s child remake)
  165. A mix I did for prog metal band Son of Science
  166. Compiled a little downloadable EP for anyone interested
  167. 2nd Try - Joe Satriani 10 Words Cover
  168. Built a vocal booth! (pics!)
  169. Firewire Interfaces
  170. Recording Vocals
  171. Drunken wanderings
  172. Bulb - Back from tour and a new rough clip up
  173. Bulb - New Pop/Rock song up on myspace and soundclick!
  174. Triaxis tones
  175. Bulb - Producing/Cowriting Haunted Shores New Ep!
  176. Mac recording advice
  177. EZ Drummer and Snow Leopard
  178. A little Axe-fx Wankery
  179. MIDI control of real recordings? Cool!
  180. New fully finished Darkadian track! Groovy and thrashy!
  181. Very stupid recording realization
  182. Bulb - Somewhat Glitchy and Djenty new song!
  183. Dr Dre Signature Headphones
  184. I'm beginning to realize how much my monitors suck
  185. What do you guys like for affordable kick drum mics?
  186. Bulb - Metal Foundry Test Clip!
  187. Can you recommend a good off the shelf computer for recording?
  188. Recabinet Fall Sale: 80% Off
  189. So my CPU dies when I record?....
  190. Jazzy guitar piece video/audio
  191. Guitar iso box
  192. New Darkadian clip! Trying out the 6 string for a change!
  193. Epic track, rough, tone test.
  194. new track day... well 50% of one
  195. Looking to transfer some ADAT tracks to a digital format
  196. ATTN: Bulb, drew + digital recorders everywhere
  197. Toontrack S2.0 SDX sale!
  198. windows 7 daw talk
  199. Free reverb plugin?
  200. Cubase talk
  201. my new recording rig, discuss.
  202. Devin Townsend Pro Tools Dissection
  203. Mixing
  204. Reaper, Reason, Rewire, and OS X (Snow Leopard)...can it be done?
  205. Comments on my mix please?
  206. Latest offering from Darkadian
  207. Native Instruments Holiday Giveaway
  208. Bobby Jarzombek demo of Platinum Samples
  209. Attention TASCAM tech support.
  210. Impulses vs. Mic Recording
  211. Quick impulse test clip with my Engl Savage 120
  212. Blackstar HT-5 Bluesy....
  213. Does anyone have any impulse files like this?
  214. DFH Superior sunset
  215. POD X3 - First Tone/Mix Test
  216. Maybe a shot in the dark here, but anyone use the Boss DR-5 drum machine?
  217. amp headphone to mixer problem
  218. Logic Pro 9.1 update (64-bit version available)
  219. For those of you using a proper operating system:
  220. Best mixers?
  221. Losing a lot of sound in mix somewhere, need advice
  222. Some Division recording blogging...
  223. New song, trying out something different with pickups/tone etc
  224. Help with Recorded Tone
  225. No input detected on MBP in garageband
  226. 2 new songs please comment on the mix
  227. Redid this song
  228. Looking for a good bass vst
  229. POD Farm - can you turn off the amp sim to just use the cab / mic sims?
  230. I need a mic for recording acoustic!
  231. I made something short, a few words of advice?
  232. First track post on here. Some Industrial for you...
  233. ProCo Rat VST?
  234. The Delay Tricks Thread...
  235. Guitar Rig 4
  236. new metal drum Jam (Bareknuckle content)
  237. NEW SONG! ( and video cover ) Tech heads enjoy :D!
  238. Hear my COW go moo!
  239. Tone test
  240. My latest track - reamped through a Dual Recto and a Baron K2!
  241. Some NIN/KoRn/General Industrial Metal wankery for you (ie: a new track...)
  242. EWQL Symphonic Orchestra, free and legal!
  243. Re-Mixed An Older Track (Not Metal)
  244. The "MatchEQ" plugin in Logic rules!
  245. Gonna start doin a staight forward death metal band.... criticism please
  246. Another Mix Text/Cover (not metal)
  247. Large Diaphram Condensor comparison
  248. Screw M-Audio, I need a new audio interface
  249. Monitor reccomendations
  250. Cheap quality drums samples? Yes please!