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  1. Submitting tech articles
  2. [Tech] Swapping an Ibanez LoPro Edge for an OFR
  3. Wiring, demystifying the VLX91
  4. Refinishing opinions wanted. RG2127
  5. The 'Tight' control - simple passive bass cut
  6. Thinking of having a pop at stripping a guitar
  7. Wiring my cab
  8. How to make a kill switch box
  9. Pulling Acoustic bridge and re-fitting
  10. Converting and Edge/Edge variant to an Schaller/OFR arm
  11. DIY: Making a bone nut
  12. Washburn Refinish .. Take 2 !!! ( This time less lame)
  13. New Pot for EMG 707
  14. Patience...picstory of my latest build
  15. I just completed the wiring diagram from hell.
  16. RG350 : What to do, what to do?
  17. Guitar refinishing and rebuild project!
  18. Staining A Guitar Body
  19. Best place for a refinish?
  20. Nostalgia Blue build picstory (many pics)
  21. JPM wiring?
  22. Should I refinish my V-250? (again)
  23. Rewiring my SLSMG (Grounding? Potentiometers? Where to find a three way oak grigsby?)
  24. DIY: pickup winder
  25. No straplocks = RG1527 Refinish
  26. Workbench question: What if it's a Satin finish?
  27. Wiring gurus...would this be feasible?
  28. Jackson Stealth project begins...
  29. DIY: pickups
  30. Ibanez RG2027 Wiring Diagram
  31. Best site for replacement RG switches?
  32. RG2027 output jacks?
  33. The Ibanez EX Overhaul Thread
  34. Installing Sperzel tuning pegs on an Ibanez RG headstock
  35. New-ish forum
  36. DIY Microphones?
  37. RG2027 Mini 500k Pots
  38. I got a package in the mail.
  39. Tone/Volume Caps
  40. Pups for a 28.5 scale 7?
  41. Loose straplock buttons
  42. Low Friction Volume/Tone Pots
  43. Mesh, or anyone else that's active-d a double edge piezo setup
  44. Timmeh - guitar build picstory
  45. Guitar Setups for Dummies
  46. Alumitone S-S-S for the Strat, thoughts?
  47. Staining vs. Transparent Finish
  48. Would this be sacrilege?
  49. Graphtech Piezos
  50. Tung oil
  51. Painting Emg's question
  52. Need some help finding parts. 3/8 inch solderless EMG pots,Long Shaft EMG Stereo Jack
  53. Faulty Selector Switch (Gibson Les Paul Studio)
  54. Paint or stain this body?
  55. Tung Oil = \m/
  56. Need wiring help: LOUD buzzing, + weird howling when volume pot all the way down?!
  57. Removing graphic from matte satin?
  58. Acoustic players - it's Humidifier season!
  59. Where to get these parts?
  60. Guitar maintenence for a n00b.
  61. Neck Replacement Project
  62. Machine Head ratios????
  63. OFR Trem Arm Questions
  64. HELP - floyd rose fiasco !
  65. Headstock refinish in the UK...
  66. Tung oiling(or gunstock oiling) a maple neck
  67. ATTN: Chris, Sperzel Question
  68. Shims for an OFR saddle?
  69. My latest build. RGD style black korina/limba 7
  70. NGD... Sorta
  71. Filing fret ends?
  72. Converting 2x12 stereo cab to stereo/mono
  73. Need an electronics guru please!! Pickup wiring content
  74. EMG 81 + 81TW wiring
  75. NND (Ibanez AANJ Neck)
  76. So who is reliably making custom RG bodies these days?
  77. EMG vs EMGx
  78. RG320FM or Iceman?
  79. RG 1527 issues.
  80. RG template
  81. Bling Guitar Mod or Genuine Breakthrough?
  82. Potentially VERY awesome pickup switching!!
  83. Switching Question
  84. So I got the Wolfetone Timber Wolf installed in the V220...
  85. New SD switching pot
  86. Gorgomyte - It's the shit! (Frets and Fretboard Cleaner)
  87. Is this neck salvageable? Or is there anything even wrong with it?
  88. Will either of these fit in a Hipshot bridge?
  89. Guitar Wiring
  90. Drilling/Routing control holes
  91. Blower switches...
  92. Thread size on Gibson-style 3-ways
  93. Mesa troubleshooting video
  94. Can't find a certain kind of removable casters
  95. Rewiring my Schecter...
  96. Free radius gauge
  97. Lost string saddle screw on Agile Septor 827 :(
  98. How Close do you guys put your Blackouts to your strings?
  99. Diary of a pedal build: B.Blender pedal
  100. ATTN: LUTHIERS, big and small.
  101. MIDI switching pickups based on patch
  102. Opamps
  103. Converting a 2X12 combo to a closed back 2X12 cab?
  104. Frustration..... solved
  105. Humbucker Hex screws
  106. Could this really work? Bolt-On Neck Magic?
  107. Has anyone tried wiring a coil-split switch in this way?
  108. Fret polishing, the basics?
  109. DIY pickup relic'ing
  110. electronics-types, need your help!
  111. So I'm tryin to make a guitar see..
  112. Strat: Need pickups for Gilmour-ish tones
  113. 12-stringer to 7-string DONE - Acoustic mod project
  114. Guitar Supplies
  115. PRS SE Allender help.
  116. Talk to me about trem springs.
  117. Anyone have one of these switches lying around?
  118. Seymour Duncan Triple Shot rings
  119. Got some more old Duncans. FrOOt content.
  120. Top mount or recessed Floyd?
  121. Toggle Switch help..
  122. Heavyduty angled jacks?
  123. DIY: $25 Multi-guitar stand
  124. Wiring/Switching Idea/Question
  125. Function generators and O' Scopes
  126. tung oiling maple
  127. Help with wiring!
  128. Give me Advice!!....Please.
  129. F-space or normal on a Cort M520?
  130. Cheap Acoustic Pickup
  131. Cleaning pick marks off an acoustic
  132. Stain + Tru-oil = Good Body Finish?
  133. Reshaping the neck on my two agiles
  134. anyone used bass strings on a guitar?
  135. Setting up my ibanez to deal with drop B
  136. Microphone to line level preamplifier circuit.
  137. Is this an acceptable way to block a trem?
  138. Schecter Wiring Diagrams
  139. Fixing creaky tuning pegs
  140. Anyone ever built a road case?
  141. Does intonation change from standard B to drop A?
  142. Well, Surprise Surprise!
  143. Ibanez AXIS SEVEN 2 Dimensions
  144. Intonation & Saddle adjustment
  145. Body/neck screws drill bit size
  146. North vs. South Coil Tap
  147. I need some cork-sniffing pickup rings.
  148. Tailpiece studs too small
  149. is this guitar worth fixing up? is it worthless "as is?"
  150. Bridge stud install
  151. Floyd Rose Special 7 vs. Lo TRS 7
  152. Switch tip knob thread sizes?
  153. Can't fix intonation problems by adjusting the bridge saddles?
  154. What happens when you buy a bunch of Gotoh Floyds?
  155. Schecter A7 Fret problems.
  156. Ebony fretboards
  157. "The Key" Trem intonating tool
  158. Does a wenge fretboard need conditioning?
  159. Dissecting & Repairing a Fan-Fret Roter 8 - Trying to help a lost cause (Huge 76pics)
  160. Roter Rooter - The test vid.
  161. Shielding a control cavity...
  162. Tremstops
  163. Problem with new guitar
  164. Help me build a dummy load box
  165. Gotoh Locking Tuners
  166. Fret filling, something i should attempt?
  167. Seven string TOM bridges
  168. New7's - Which is which?
  169. I just came up with some great ideas for some tweaks to my backup 7
  170. G string keeps going flat on my Floyd Rose?
  171. DIY Cab?
  172. Advice Needed: Intonation off - Trem posts leaning
  173. "Giant" Fretwire - Allparts #0877
  174. So as far as nuts go....
  175. Plek Experiences?
  176. Is this fretboard blank fucked? (Mucho Pics-o)
  177. Soldano SLO clone build in progress
  178. Replacement for Ibanez Edge III
  179. Lo Pro lock block is stuck...
  180. Talk to me about pots
  181. Never notice this before (Floyd Related)
  182. A noobish question about MIDI
  183. ADVICE needed: Modifying to Drop A#
  184. Wee Vee to Lapsteel conversion question(s)
  185. Mighty Mite neck on a Squier?
  186. Tremol-No Questions.
  187. Grounding wire question.
  188. Very good article about gain staging.
  189. Inlay Stickers?
  190. Should I sand my tele to satin?
  191. Nut Files
  192. Idea?!
  193. Replacing a Gibraltar III?
  194. Holy shit, check out this spalted maple top.
  195. intonation - shorter scale guitars
  196. Unusual pickup advice request.
  197. So ABM seems to be making a piezo floyd
  198. A Paisley Stratocasater: How to go about making one?
  199. Your soldering iron probably sucks.
  201. Boogie Rail Trem
  202. RG7620 w/ OFR7
  203. Instrument quality wood, where do you get it?
  204. Parallel to series loop mod on Mesa?
  205. Need tech help... Engl humming(with video)
  206. Feeler Gauges?
  207. Oversized cab dimensions?
  208. Pickup under pickguard
  209. Telecaster Upgrade
  210. N00b question...
  211. Instrument Care
  212. Truss Rod Shim?
  213. Charvel so-cal snow white and some
  214. Drop D question.
  215. HELP: kahler 2327 rust damage
  216. Takeuchi TRS-101 Floyd Rose
  217. Everything Multimeter.
  218. Line 6 pod Studio GX
  219. [PicStory] LSR Locking Tuners ~20pics
  220. Affordability/Feasability of Refinishing a Bridge
  221. Tusk XL(Black) or Bone Nut?
  222. Volume pot; need a new one
  223. Drill press
  224. Guitar builders: Is this a stupid idea?
  225. Body Blank question
  226. Fender Strat mod
  227. Axon repair
  228. Man, I love setting up trems.
  229. Locking tuners for my Ibanez SZ???
  230. Lo-Pro Edge and Floyd Rose trem blocks interchangeable?
  231. hydrographic printing
  232. Let's discuss the Tremsetter
  233. Some ideas to toss around
  234. Locking Tuners for 7421
  235. A screw loose. No, really.
  236. Fret sprout?
  237. intonation problems?
  238. Attn Builders: Reshaping Headstocks?
  239. Jackson Dinky Cleanup (Some pics)
  240. Yamaha DB50XG Daughter Board for NGC-77
  241. Help: my 6505 might be toast
  242. Tremolo Springs - > string tension
  243. Finishing, ANYTHING ABOUT IT.
  244. RG7620 / RG565 Output Jacks
  245. Guitar Care
  246. Direct mount pickup height adjustment
  247. 1 Hum + 1 P-90 wiring
  248. Translucent Neon Green finishes
  249. Line6 HD500 electronics pics?
  250. Flat Radius Vs. Compound Radius on a Floyd Equipped guitar