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  1. UK: talanas (ex-interlock) seek 7 string guitarist
  2. US-Bass needed for Industrial Metal Band
  3. UK: talanas (ex-interlock) seek keyboardist
  4. Guitarist and Bassist needed for Buffalo,NY ProgMetal/Fusion Project
  5. Tampa area guitarist seeks band
  6. JUSTDEFY parts ways with lead guitarist - Seeks replacement
  7. (Is anybody/Does anybody know) a bassist in the VA Beach area looking for a band??
  8. Ohio Technical Deathmetal band seeking bassist
  9. Naked Vengence (Band Seeking Members: Miami)
  10. Black Metal guitarist
  11. Looking to find members for ONLINE Tech Death project
  12. Ahráyeph in need for four hands
  13. Dybbuk (Milwaukee based band) seeking vocalist
  14. Division in search of bassist
  15. Looking for bassist, drummer, & keys in NC/VA area
  16. Listen to my dark melodic metal band Somnae here!
  18. Vocalist wanted for Cyber Core/Industrial Metal unit.
  19. Drum Programming for Death Metal?
  20. Splintered Soul seek 5+ string Bassist (UK)
  21. have guitar case will travel
  22. METAL BAND IN FORMATION - Members needed (East Sussex)
  23. Looking for a lyricist
  24. Anyone in Los Angeles area want to start a band?
  25. Frustrated in Portland.
  26. The Dark Chalice
  27. Metal guitarist looking for musicians in the LA/OC area
  28. Online death metal collab!
  29. Band seeks vocalist and 2nd guitarist (UK)
  30. second guitarist needed
  31. Looking to do vocal work (deathmetal)
  32. Metal Band Looking for Drummer in Hampton Roads, VA. Area
  33. Bass players
  34. need a guitarist salt lake city,ut
  35. Shadow Of Creation - Seeking Bassist [Savannah, Georgia]
  36. Prog Metal Online Collaboration
  37. The Hollow Glow is looking for a 2nd guitarist - Portland, ME
  38. LA/OC/IE, CA Prog Metal needs guitar, bass, violin or keys.
  39. I'm a drummer, searching Online Collab
  40. Online Collab
  41. Northern VA peeps?
  42. Bassist/vocalist required for London-based death metal project
  43. Online stoner/doom/metal/psychadelic seeks drummer and bassist
  44. Lead Guitarist Available
  45. Looking for a guy to make these drums not suck. (Instrumental rock)
  46. Numbskull Audio Production - Recording/Mixing/Mastering services
  47. Hand Of Taurus is seeking a Vocalist!
  48. Looking for online collab / i need guitar or do you need drums???
  49. Seeking Vocalist local or long distance
  50. Seeking insane guitarist to record progressive/technical death metal album(s)
  51. Any metal band interested in a free artwork design?
  52. beginner online black metal/DSBM collab
  53. Online collab!
  54. Lead Guitarist Availaible for Online Projects
  55. Still in need of guitarist and bassist
  56. Vancouver Metalcore band looking for another guitarist
  57. Charlotte, NC Rock/Metal Producer Available - Also Online Mix/Mastering Services!
  58. VA band possibly seeking live drummer
  59. Looking for a solo
  60. WTF am I doing? (colab?)
  61. Online band (Europe)
  62. Established Hardcore band looking for second guitarist [Las Vegas]
  63. Online metal band looking for a guitarist
  64. South Florida Lead Guitarist Replacement needed
  65. Online virtual band – brass meets metal – seeking guitarists
  66. London, 7Stringer here
  67. Atlanta, GA - Guitarist/Bassist, and Vocalist looking for .....
  68. Seeking Vocals, Bass and Guitar. St. Louis area
  69. Seeking for Vocals + Drummer for Online Collab
  70. Online collab anyone?
  71. Wanted: drummer in London (online also ok)
  72. Collaborating
  73. Hi guys
  74. Metal vocalist needed (southwest Ohio)
  75. Vocals for online collaboration
  76. Looking for a vocalist/bassist
  77. Anyone around the Cincinnati OH area interested in a brutal tech death band?
  78. Vocalist seeking online (or local) Death or Black metal band
  79. Death/Black metal vocalist itching to vocalize in online band
  80. Lead guitarist looking for online projects
  81. Lead guitarist looking for projects
  82. Seeking lead guitar player for project.
  83. Bassist wanted for UK BASED heavy rock band...
  84. Anyone up for some ridiculous slam or brutal death metal?
  85. Ship of Theseus - Looking for Vocalist - Glasgow
  86. Vocalist required for online collaboration...
  87. Mixing/Mastering/Reamping/Editing Services
  88. Black Metal Song
  89. The Crowned Dead, Looking for Bassist, Drummer And Lead
  90. guitarist seeking band
  91. TALENTED GUITARIST WANTED (based in Surrey)
  92. Looking for songs/tracks for upcoming Compilation for Suicide Awareness
  93. Collaborations with independent musicians
  94. Gang vox required - fire up that mic!
  95. Groove Metal Band "Soma Dark" Seeking Bassist
  96. Who among you does the best death metal vocals?
  97. Starting a Online Metal Band! Need People!
  98. NOPE search for alt nope/nope band (NOPE, UK based)
  99. Drummer Sought (UK, SURREY)
  100. Singer looking for an online album project (metalcore, melodic, prog, djent)