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  1. Pups For soloist
  2. Howto: install an active EMG in a passive EMG setup.
  3. Recommend me some RG550 pickups.
  4. Pup recommendations for my Jackson
  5. Pickups Alnico vs. Ceramic
  6. Beware!!! The Drop Bears have arrived!!
  7. Wiring question
  8. Recommend me a bridge pickup
  9. Blackouts Question
  10. Pickup suggestions - Carvin (swamp ash, walnut top)
  11. NPD! Vanity and colours FTW!
  12. 'Tis time. Recommend me bareknuckles for my Sherman.
  13. Finally converting my Jackson to passives...
  14. Anyone try those new Duncan Alternative 8's with Alnico 8 magnets?
  15. Latest set of Woleftones
  16. Pickup swap with the Hamer, details inside
  17. Pickup suggestions for my Alder 727
  18. Lundgren color codes
  19. single coil n00b needs help - stacks, noiseless, RW/RP?
  20. Bare Knuckle Nailbombs ordered... for my ES335
  21. NPD! My BKP's have arrived!
  22. Petrucci now has signature DiMarzios
  23. wg587: new pickups
  24. A Pickup Dilemma
  25. Just called Wolfetone pickups
  26. Pickup thread v5.x
  27. Wolfe's re-wounds...
  28. Operation B.K.P. status.. EPIC FAIL.
  29. Matt will explain his switch to passives
  30. New pickup day picstory
  31. PU advice for Ibanez SA2120
  32. Current BKP Experience
  33. New Pups for a JS1000
  34. Not entirely happy with the DS7 in swamp ash
  35. 7 string Single Coils
  36. Done with the Tone Zone
  37. Put my new pickups in the Maverick
  38. Neck pickup recommendations - smooth lead tone
  39. EMG-X vs. SD Blackouts.
  40. Ceramic Pickup Suggestions?
  41. Seymour Duncan Shootout: SH-6/8/13
  42. Anyone happen to have an Air Norton/Tone Zone set in a 25" scale mahogany guitar?
  43. Pickup dillemma (strat content)
  44. Inserts For Humbuckers! \m/
  45. Does anyone know how the PAF 7 compares to the PAF Pro?
  46. 2027x pickup advice
  47. Replacement pickups for Ibanez RGA8?
  48. Bareknuckle dealers?
  49. These...
  50. Pup rewind essential?
  51. Need a pickup that can produce diverse tone
  52. Recommend Me Some Pickups
  53. Replacing New7 bridge in RG7620
  54. Confession
  55. 8-string FR00T pups?
  56. Replacement pickups for RT650?
  57. Is there a better metal Dimarzio basswood pup than the D Activator?
  58. EMG 7's in Single-coil
  59. Pickups for an alder-bodied guitar w/maple neckthru?
  60. Tom Anderson 7 string pickups
  61. Need help with pickup wiring scheme!!!
  62. Solderless pickup installation
  63. Humbucker dilema
  64. Weird pickup problem.
  65. Pickups
  66. School Me on the Aldrich Pickup.
  67. DiMarzio DActivator + Ash?
  68. 8-string active pickups: EMG or Blackouts?
  69. Pickup Covers and Whut's They Made Of
  70. Best Dimarzio pickup for Technical death metal
  71. NPD!!! Dimarzio Andy Timmons + RT650 (56k = diez)
  72. Gaahhh! F these pickups. (Gibson 498T/490R)
  73. NPD(Strat + Chris H8 content)
  74. Any one know where i can get some Dimarzio Templates?
  75. Baritone Pickups/Mods
  76. I don't think I "get" the M7 love...
  77. Dimarzio Cruiser question
  78. How to end up with yet more pickups.(56k votes for teabaggers)
  79. 8 string pick-up suggestions.
  80. 8 string BKP question
  81. Randy Rhoads "Super '74" Pickups
  82. NPUD (threw a PAF7 in the UV)
  83. New pickup suggestion (DiMarzio content)
  84. Intersting Information on how pickups work
  85. Which pups??
  86. Paul Gilbert gets a sig single
  87. Repository of EMG wiring Diagrams!
  88. Covers for 8-String BKP's?
  89. EMG V. Blackouts -- Wiring
  90. 7/8 string Single Coil Hand Wound Pickups!
  91. Pickup color coordination question...
  92. Seymour Duncan's new preamp for passives
  93. Single sized humbuckers. I need clips, boys!
  94. Bartolini Pickups for guitar, not bass
  95. Single Coil Pickups
  96. Burnt Chrome pickups
  97. Pickup color code chart
  98. Dimarzio single for middle position?
  99. NOPD - New Old Pickup Day
  100. NBKPD! Aftermaths and Nailbombs, oh my!
  101. NPD: Dimarzio AT1 & Air Norton
  102. best pups for 7 string?
  103. NPUD! sort of...
  104. ITT: Dave will tell me which Seymour Duncan "custom" is the good one.
  105. The F-Space/Trem-Spacing Pickup Debate
  106. Whoa... WHOA! EMG SA7 finally ships!
  107. New Pickup Day - Bareknuckle Blackdog 7 set
  108. Dactivator 7 bridge sounds weird?
  109. YJM Fury Stack + JB Bridge in Cherry
  110. Humbucker cavity to Dogear
  111. Possible pickup wiring issue. I'm completely lost...
  112. Any experience with a BKP VHII pups?
  113. So, Dave buys this Wolfetone Timber Wolf...
  114. Pickup question
  115. Fender tele pickup wiring
  116. Bare Knuckle Aftermaths + StewMac Free-Way toggle mini-review/demo
  117. Pickups for my RG 7421?
  118. Bareknuckle black dog problem!
  119. Revisiting: A Bridge for my Hamer Diablo
  120. Pickup Spacing Question?
  121. Wanting new pups for my RGT
  122. Anyone know where I can get an Alnico V magnet for a 7 string pickup?
  123. BKP Aftermaths, I has them*
  124. F Spacing?
  125. Nordstrand VS Fender Custom Shop Pickup
  126. Pickup cavity cut on finished guitar..
  127. Wiring new pickups, with no knowledge.
  128. NPD
  129. Hmm. (Rio Grande pickup content)
  130. Pickup wiring question
  131. Hmmm. (Part 2: BKP Install Content) (They're in!)
  132. (Unconventional) First BKP Aftermath Clip
  133. Dimarzio D-Activator 8-string models are out
  134. I don't get why the JB 7 gets so much hate
  135. New Dimarzio Site
  136. Help Please? [EMG's?]
  137. EMG RPC control.
  138. Upgrading PJ 5-String passive PUPs
  139. Whats on your shortlist? (besides Dave)
  140. My pickup dilemma..
  141. BKP Suggestions.
  142. Ibanez Xiphos synth access is alive (56k = gtfo)
  143. Duncan Invader in alder?
  144. Suhr Silent Single Coil System
  145. Bareknuckle baseplates
  146. 4PDT "JP" Wiring
  147. Rockfield pickups?
  148. EMG X series Be used with a Non X series set up?
  150. EMGs - 9v vs 18v
  151. I'm now endorsing J S Moore pickups!
  152. BKP Questions
  153. Reamp-ready DIs of 11 popular Bare Knuckle pickups
  154. Recommend me some Single Coils
  155. What duncan is this
  156. Good neck to match
  157. Bass Wiring Problem? Sound clips inside
  158. Hey Darren.....
  159. Suggestions for a Humbucker/Single Coil pair
  160. My Graphtech GHOST Hex board shat the bed
  162. pickup suggestions for my 550....
  163. Wiring woes (EMG 40tw)
  164. Best Bridge PU for a Ibanez GSA60
  165. Clean sounds using a bridge and neck humbucker, both split
  166. Over the top and blue.
  167. M-Bucker Double Pickup for 7-string
  168. Capacitor values on Tone pots
  169. High Output vs Low Output?
  170. EMG how high or low
  171. 3-way, four conductor...coil splitting?
  172. Tone knob question
  173. Regarding the tone knob (clip)
  174. Humbucker Helpers
  175. New old pickup day
  176. Vintage hot pickups (paging: Nolly)
  177. Bridge pup, basswood guitar, to go with Air Norton
  178. A good coil splitting article
  179. Pickup magnet types
  180. 5 string Bass JAzz style pickups?
  181. Switchable EMG 9 - 18v Mod
  182. Unsatisfied with EMGs. Reccomend me some boutique passives for tight metal.
  183. Public thank you to Mike
  184. Need some advice on pickups (BKPs?)
  185. Clean Bridge Pickups...Advice/Opinions/Help Please
  186. Need a vintage sounding pickup well suited for basswood capped with maple.
  187. Sweetwater Minute - SD Zephyr pickup demo
  188. Need to find a H-S-S setup... help?
  190. The ultimate cork sniffer pickup
  191. DiMarzio D-Activator 7 neck model in bridge position?
  192. Wiring strat for 2 volume
  193. NPUD!
  194. Wiring options for me? ibanez 1980 dt50
  195. Ordered my new bridge pickup..
  196. Best Bass Gear=Badasses
  197. Change my SD SH-11 Custom Custom?
  198. School me on Graphtech
  199. What can cause squealing other than pickups and tubes?
  200. P-Rail ordered (installed) (hack video)
  201. Attn: Garrett
  202. Dear EMG
  203. Ibanez SZ pickup suggestions...
  204. The BKP Miracle Man
  205. Pickup suggestions for an Ibanez K7?
  206. wiring a new bridge pickup
  207. Need help wiring Kill switch with active pups.
  208. School me on Seymour Duncans
  209. So my first attempt at doing my own wiring was a success!
  210. 7 String Brutal DM Pickup Suggestions?
  211. DIY Sustainer
  212. Help a noob with pickups
  213. Suggest a new bridge pickup for my headless guitar.
  214. Wiring without tone pot
  215. 7-string P-90 from KXK?
  216. Seymour Duncan Invader 7 - Chugg?
  217. I Have a Problem...
  218. Need a good pickup set for a Charvel Model 6
  219. Determining The Color Code for an Unknown Pickup
  220. Thin-sounding humbucker
  221. jack output problem
  222. VHII Demo
  223. I just want to say...
  224. Thinking about going single pickup
  225. New bridge pickup for my Rhoads?
  226. Awesome Pickup Comparison Website (Graphs/Charts)
  227. Obnoxiously Awesome Bright Pickups
  228. Suhr silent single coil system
  229. Seymour Duncan metal pickups video...
  230. BKP Warpigs for "Tech" Metal?
  231. Which Bareknuckle Pickups for my ESP Eclipse?
  232. new neck pickup suggestions
  233. Does anyone have any experience with this Dimarzio?
  234. Emg help please
  235. BKP Opinions please...
  236. Where to get Dimarzio backplate replacments?
  237. Seymour Duncan Liberator
  238. New Project's Neck Pickup. SD Jazz vs '59 vs ...Something Else?
  239. Mike pioneered it..
  240. Pickup shenanigans
  241. Just bought my first Seymour Duncan...
  242. Quick emg question
  243. Pickups for j-custom
  244. All-black DiMarzio pickups; where to find?
  245. SD Gus G pickups
  246. New Seymour Duncan Gus G active set
  247. The JB7 sucks. Annihlator does not.
  248. Anyone have a diagram laying around??
  249. Emg hooked up but little power with and without 9volt
  250. Entwistle High Definition Neodymium Pickups * group buy* ??