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09-03-2019, 12:44 AM
I'm curious, while I've been recording riffs and ideas for quite some time, I've never really pushed myself to actually record music, I mean full songs. Earlier this year some shit went down between me and a drummer I've worked with for 20+ years. Nothing bad really, just the realization that I'll never get full songs done with him. He's a great friend, but due to some health issues(neck surgery) and a dependency on a bottle of booze, it was enough for me to say fuck it, buy EZDrummer2, get busy with YouTube tutorials for recording and for learning Reaper, and just get shit done. SAW has been a huge help and the level of talent is amazing, but like I said, I'm curious, how do you do it? What's your set up, what's your best tips for the results your getting?

While I did recently get a Kemper I'm still in the honeymoon/learning stage so no recordings with that yet. I'm using Reaper for my DAW, a Presonus Studio 2/6 interface, JBL LSR305 monitors, and a Presonus Temblor T10 sub.

Bass- Either my Frankenstein Kramer/Ibanez or my Warwick, direct in, then I use the free Ignite-Emissary plugins from STL tones. 2 tracks, 1 clean, 1 dirty.

Drums- EZDrummer2 grooves I've "sewn" together, still in the learning process with this, but lovin' it.

Guitars- Of course I'm going to spend more time on guitars, lol! For the 3 I've done so far for SAW I wanted raw, dirty, absolutely filthy guitar tones, right on the edge of completely out of control. I've used 3 different guitars depending on the song and how they fit, a Gibson Explorer(Dirty Fingers), Charvel DK24(SD Fullshred), and an Ibanez RGIB6(EMG 81/60).

The pedal board is simple, Maxon OD808 pushing a P.C.P. Soul Stealer and gated with a LWA Endless Blockade.

I didn't care for the tone I was getting out of my Mesa, so I went "old school" lol! Clean side of an old Rocktron Gainiac into a Marshall 9200, and to an old MB cab I loaded with Texas Heat and Swamp Thangs in an x-pattern. I mic'd the ST with a Carvin CM50 and the TH with a SM57. Quad tracked, 2 at 100% left and right and 2 at 80% left and right.

Since the room is decent sized and the rig sits right next to a drum kit, I built a tent, lol! A couple of 2x4's and a moving blanket-

I do very little eq on the guitars, hi-pass and lo-pass are about it(90-11500) on the main guitar buss. Once mixed I put the Limiter No6(Vladislav Goncharov)(free) on the master buss, tweak it, and that's it. I've got a long way to go, but I'm having a blast! Thanks to everyone here for inspiring, motivating, and helping:yesway:

09-03-2019, 01:23 AM
I'm running guitar -> Focusrite 2i4 -> Reaper and using Bias FX or the Mercurial ReAxis for my guitar tones (and bass). Drums are EZ Drummer 2 and any synths will be the Korg M1 / Wavestation VST or one of the UVI Falcon sound libraries. I use one of the EZ Mix settings on my master bus. I'm still finding mixing a big challenge and had pretty much settled in to a create of habitat for what I was doing for the last couple years. For my SAWC this week, I decided to try this mixing cheat sheet that was a free download in lieu of getting on someone's mailing list and I'll be damned if those starting points were louder and fuller sounding thaty what I had been doing.

I'm not using any monitors. I'm listening through a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M50X headphones that was recommended by another forum member. I frequently check my mixes by cutting an MP3 and playing it in my car and my iPhone with 2 different headphones (one at home & one at work). Hopefully, across the three different environments, I'm able to mix it consistent enough.

09-03-2019, 03:20 AM
Cool thread. :cool:

Guitar: (two) Jackson JS32-7 with a Nazgul in it and JS22-7 with a modded Pegasus (Alnico mag swapped for ceramic one). Both running through my 6505mh with a Line 6 HD500x 4-cable method'ed. My HD500x is only running noise gate, OD, EQ and slight compression. I have different profiles for each guitar, but those FX only (no amp sims) and tweaked to accent each pickup's strengths. I run all that into my Scarlet 2i2, then into my MacBook where I mix it in GarageBand. Occasionally will add in some stuff with my Ibanez S540LTD.

Drums: I use BetaMonkey Drum Loops. and do some editing on them - often tacking together fills or two different beats to get what I want.
Bass: My Ibanez SR305. Record two bass tracks (sometimes 3) then mix 'em together. One is just "clean" bass run through the 6505 & L6 set up just like the guitars, but with no FX aside from noise gate and what gain the amp provides, the second is only the mid range present with a TON of distortion on it run through a guitar amp sim in GarageBand called "Off Axis". Ola has a video explaining this method, and after trying it, I think my tone chasing for bass is over.

Time permitting, I mix with Yamaha monitoring headphones, then listen to it through my monitors, then in my truck, through ear bugs and in my wife's car, until I'm as happy as I'm going to be with it in all those settings. Sadly, my mixing skills aren't top tier, but I think I'm slowly improving.

09-03-2019, 07:00 AM
My first answer is that I do it badly!

The more on topic answer is:

Guitar -> pedals -> Mesa MkV:25 -> Torpedo Live -> Motu Ultralite III -> Logic.

Guitar has recently been a parts telecaster with ToneZone T and Satchtrack pickups, otherwise its one of a few Ibanez RGs.
Pedals vary, if using the clean channel I may use Friedman BEOD or MI Crunchbox. In front of the amp I might use a rat, precision drive or mxr badass OD.

Ibanez SR505 Bass -> -> Motu -> Logic

Drums have been me learning how to hack my way through EZDrummer2.

09-03-2019, 07:03 AM

I love this oldskool rack!

7 Dying Trees
09-03-2019, 11:17 AM
What I've been using:

Pretty much been using my ancient beat up UV7PWH for everything, and the slightly less beat up other PWH I got this year. All tuned to A standard. Something tells me I did something in B standard, but I cannot remember.

An ESP LTD Dan kelly sig F series 5 string bass

A TS808, religiously, in front of an amp.
A homemade klon clone pedal, which I gain stack with the ts808
Either the CAE or Petrucci sig wahs
The boss HM2 for sirty swedish things and experimentation

Marshall 6100 30th anniversary head, channel 2
Triaxis (non phat, v2) on the recto channel through a 2:90
VHT Pitbull UL

Bass Amp:
Using axe fx2 for the bass sound. Pretty much all I use it for, so think I need to look into something like a decent pedal/sansamp type solution that'll just do bass sound and sell the axe.

Using a Two Notes Torpedo Studio, with either my presets, or lately been using IRs loaded into it

Untill it died on my after 10-12 years I was using a focusrite saffire pro 40 that I loved.
Now I've got myself a UA Apollo firewire card.

Cubase, using a template that I tweak now and again to start off with with preset guitar/bass/drum eq

Superior 2/3, mostly 2 as I haven't played around with 3 enough. Sometimes I'll program by hand (tedious and long), sometimes just grab a few loops from the library and jam off them.

Various synth stuff, vst, plugins etc

I'm yet to join in this season, but hopefully I'll get something churned out this week.

09-03-2019, 04:16 PM
My stuff has mostly been

RG760 -> Focusrite

Lepou Legion amp sim
Lepou Impulse loader with Mattayus' Zilla and Mesa IRs

Bass pretty much the same
Ibanez SR500
Some Redwirez Ampeg IR

EZdrummer 2
Metal Machine

Then I usually add reverb and delay as needed. Basically I have no idea what I'm doing, but still get some fairly decent sounding tunes to my ears. So someone who knows what they're doing can make some great sounding stuff even with these free plugins.

09-03-2019, 04:43 PM

Digitech 2120 sighting!