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7 Dying Trees
11-04-2019, 11:34 AM
This is the cover a week challlenge. The aim is to cover a song a week, learn, write, record. The aim here is that not everyone wants to write a song (or has time) a week. So instead, this is about covers. We'll either run until song a week starts again, or 8 weeks, depends how many people participate and how popular this is.

We'll attempt to cover one song a week.

- The first scores you 10 points.
- The second in a week scores you 7 points
- The third, 5 points
- The fourth 2 point, and 1 point for every further song.

- 10 point penalty and no points scored for submitted song per rule infraction.

Submissions to be posted as soundcloud links, or as a youtube video.

After week 3, scores are as follows:
Nick: 30 points
Mr S.: 30 points
Markus: 20 points
Connor: 10 points
7 Dying Trees: 10 points
Lozek: -10pts
Rest of MGorg: a eurovision equalling Nil points

If you miss a week, you score 0 points, but, it allows everyone to keep playing until the end. It means people falling ill or ending up with heavy workloads don't get eliminated due to bad luck, and it also means people can start and join in whenever, and play a bit of catch up if they want. 10 points is an incentive to submit weekly, but if something happens, and it's late, you can still play a little catch up.

We'll keep a rolling tally all the way through to week 8, at which point someone will be rewarded with the coveted season 3 crown(*)

1) All Submissions by end of play 10th of November. We will run monday to sunday.
2) Even if noone can check, the spirit is covering a song a week
3) No rules on genre, you don't even need to do the same style next week
4) No rules on how exact the cover is, either plagiarise it note for note, or make it your own
4) Must be a cover of a released track. You can't cover stuff from a band yoiu've played in (no CoF covers from me then..., you can all breathe a sigh of relief)
5) Entries composed on a tascam or without drums, whatever, also welcome, this is about covering a song, not dressing it up in lipstick and a short skirt
6) If you don't submit, you're don't score points.
7) Remember that quality outstrips quantity, don't just post up tons of rubbish to try and win, we're doing this to get recording covers, someone winning the coveted season 1 copy crown is a bonus(*)
8) Mixtests don't count, there's another forum for that (
9) Submissions to be posted as soundcloud links, or as a youtube video if you want to show off your 1337 video skillzzzz
10) No limits on recording a song you already know, as if pressed for time, this might be easier
11) Have fun, and learn some songs along the way

We will not:
1) Make people feel bad about mixing skills by turning this into a mixtest competition, it's about getting a load of us writing to a deadline, this is about recording covers, not about how awesome your headless kiesel sounds through an axe fx with superior drummer
2) Make people feel bad about how well it's recorded
3) Spam thread with songs we've had lying around for ages or anything non relevant to this competition and it's rules
4) Discourage anyone from participating
5) Tell anyone they suck, everyone has different levels of ability, this isn't a pissing competition

11-04-2019, 11:57 AM
Because I am a prick I did this over the weekend :lol:

For anyone, probably most prople not familiar with blood incantation, check them out, thry are amazing.

Mr. S
11-04-2019, 01:22 PM
Fucking hell that was quick. :lol: Good shit as per usual there Nick. :metal:

11-04-2019, 01:54 PM
Thstsvwhat happens when the wife goes away for the weekend, that and a million beers

11-04-2019, 11:00 PM
Great job, Nick. As always.

11-05-2019, 12:20 AM
Cheers used that one as mix practice as well it came out reasonably well I think

11-06-2019, 11:22 PM
knocked out some more meshuggah

hilariously I was able to pretty much emulate the meshuggah solo with absolutely no idea what it was supposed to be....