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06-27-2010, 07:26 PM

This is from the same board as the RGD style body I posted. It's carved front and back(though near the control cavity I left it flat because of limitations of the input jack placement as well as limitations of my tooling). The body is 5/8" at the edges, 1.8" in the middle. It's set up for a single volume and a Gibson or Petrucci style 3 way switch. I can do it one of 2 ways, I can finish sand it, but not finish it, and let the buyer do the finish himself, or I can let the buyer choose how this gets stained. If I finish sand it but don't finish it, I'd like to get 275. If I stain it and finish it(tung oil), I'd like to get 350, plus shipping on both counts. I can do lacquer finish if necessary as well, I'd want 400 for lacquer. This body weighs 2.5lbs, it's absurdly light, even lighter than the RGD style body.