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Not Mr. Test
10-04-2010, 09:42 PM
Q: There is no thread associated with my sale/purchase.

A: iTrader plays a big part in letting people on here know that you're an honest person to deal with. That said, sometimes people do deals via PM, or without a proper thread to link in the description. If that's the case, please use this thread as the link, and be detailed in the actual feedback regarding what you bought/sold and how the transaction went. :yesway:

Q: How do I view my iTrader profile, or someone else's?

A: iTrader (Marketplace rating) is shown only in the marketplace under your profile. If there isn't a post/thread with an available link in it, you can find their stats and leave feedback by viewing their regular user profile (Click their name, select View Public Profile from any post) and clicking on the Feedback tab.

View feedback from there, and you will have the option to submit feedback for them. Note that if the person you are leaving feedback for is making an "I just farted" face, like Ryan here, we would appreciate it if you did not use the feedback system for leaving feedback about their facial expressions.

And because this post doesn't have the word "Feedback" in it enough, if you have any feedback regarding this post about the feedback system, feel free to send your feedback to myself or Drew and we will relay your feedback about feedback to the moderation team, get their feedback, and give you our collective feedback about your feedback about feedback.

Not Mr. Test
10-27-2010, 03:59 PM
Note: if you're getting an error that says "There was a problem with your deal details", it means that the text in the bottom comment field is too short. Blather something slightly longer for now, and I'll work on a fix.