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    We loved it. I think towards the end of the season I lost a little steam on it but it probably had more to do with everything surrounding my wedding ramping up and work being chaotic. Will definitely watch S2.

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    I love the fact that Ennis took the storyline completely outside the comics so it's a totally different storyline. Someone mentioned before that it's a dark series, but it's more just absolutely over the top toilet humor and violence. The storyline is amazing, but with characters like Love Sausage....yeah. If they bring in the team of rejected nice heroes, it's going to be really rough ride.

    I was a little disappointed Tek Knight didn't make an appearance trying to have sex with every inanimate object and/or hamsters.

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    I don't follow comics at all but I thought this was great. This and Derry Girls (which is much shorter unfortunately) were the hits of the summer in my house.
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    According to Karl Urban's social media, they're already halfway done shooting season 2, which is insane to me. The writers must have already had it written out for at minimum the first two, and Amazon greenlit S2 before 1 even premiered, so I guess they're going all in on this one.

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