Well, I can definitely thank The Mandolorian for reigniting my Star Wars enthusiasm. I’m a bigger fan now than I was when I was 8!

We just marathoned all the movies in chronological order. What is it with them taking a male lead and just creating the worst fucking characters with them? Anakin and Kylo are both little bitches and rarely displayed anything but that for their screen time. I knew right from the start of Kylo having a bitchfit on the wall of computers with his lightsaber that it his character was going to let me down and I was not wrong. My wife’s got a crush on him and thinks I was jealous, but he’s just a little bitch throwing hissy fits.

If they ever do a Pink Floyd documentary, Adam Driver HAS to play Roger Waters, he looks EXACTLY like him. Surely he can tap into his Kylo role and bring out the little bitch within to pull off Waters, too.