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    Not to sound like a hipster, but as I was watching this I felt like I'd seen this guy before. Turns out, Louis Theroux did a documentary on him about 7 years ago. There's not a huge amount more insight and the behaviour seemed a bit more muted at that point (although it could just be different editing and presentation styles).

    One thing that he did was spend some more time with Tim Stark, the guy that has his own place and becomes a partner at the end. You get more of a sense of why everyone says he's so unlikeable, pretty unpleasant guy.

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    I finished this a few days ago. It's a hell of a ride for sure. She has had TWO missing husbands? Jesus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom View Post
    I finished this a few days ago. It's a hell of a ride for sure. She has had TWO missing husbands? Jesus.
    Wait, someone ELSE with multiple missing spouses, you say?
    "They can kill you, but the legalities of eating you are a bit dicier." - David Foster Wallace

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venator View Post

    What I don't understand is how the guys who "conspired" against Joe or "set him up," how are they not charged for conspiring a murder before the Feds got involved? That part makes no absolute sense to me.
    Sorry I'm late to this party, I've been browsing other corners of this forum out of boredom. Anyway...didn't they elude to this in the show? Jeff, the fat guy with greasy hair (from the jet ski scene), and the bald ex-con that Jeff brought on, were likely working with the feds to get other charges reduced, from what I understood. Jeff had the incident in Vegas, the fat guy looked like he was into loads of shady business deals, and the bald guy...well, I'm guessing that guy's file was pretty full already. The bald guy's responses seem especially rehearsed, like the feds gave him the details on exactly what to say (and not say) in case anything came up.

    Basically, the feds wanted to get Joe but couldn't prove any animal cruelty so they put the squeeze on his associates. They all knew that Joe wouldn't be able to resist getting at Carole Baskin, so the feds gave the go-ahead and let the whole thing play out. Also, I don't doubt that the whole series was edited to gloss over the feds' role in the matter.
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