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    Quote Originally Posted by Steinmetzify View Post
    Bumping this, because for some reason my favorite book never makes it into these lists, but everyone I recommend it to loves it...

    Short reviews of each book:

    Roger Zelazny

    The Amber series is quite good (especially the first few books) but I did not like the latter books as much.

    I have been on a flintlock fantasy kick of late (Magic + Black Powder)

    It started with by Michael Stackpole I have yet to read the second book in the series (it has different characters and is not really related to the first book)

    Basically it is a fantasy version of early America (French and Indian War period) and like most of Stapole's stuff is a good read.

    I just finished up By Django Wexler

    This is quite good actually - Reminded me of Sharpe's Rifles with magic. There is not a ton of magical stuff in it but what there is of it fits very very well.

    Just started on by Brian McClellan

    This is pretty good so far. It starts off with a coup and the execution of much of the nobility. (in their sleep because many of them are pretty powerful wizards).

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    I've read the first 7 books of the Chronicles of Amber, but never got too deep into the Merlin Cycle. It just wasn't as interesting as Corwin's.

    I FINALLY read The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson which I've been very very very slowly reading over the past year. It was an okay book, but seriously paled in comparison to the original Mistborn trilogy. I've had The Lies of Locke Lamora for even longer and haven't even opened it up (still has it's price tag in Japanese on it).

    I've recently been reading Book of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. Very experimental book, which is very creepy. I'm about 200 pages into it so far and it's pretty damn fucking awesome. Yes.

    [VIDEO]]House of Leaves: Mark Z. Danielewski: 9780375703768: Books[/VIDEO]

    I also bought Glen Cook's The Chronicles of The Black Company this past weekend and plan to read that after I finish House of Leaves.

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    I just finished CyberStorm by Matthew Mather. It's a good read about what would happen if suddenly the systems we expect to work suddenly did not anymore.

    CyberStorm: Matthew Mather: 9780991677191: Books

    Great book.

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