So I pretty much always like all of the characters story/gameplay wise, I don't think they've ever done an unlikable playable character, but I got kind of bored with Moze's action skill and instead of finishing shit with her restarted the game as Zane.

And Zane is definitely the best player character in any Borderlands, period.

I actually somehow missed that his character is an old retired Irish Assassin. I thought from the character model he was just the generic semi-tough guy dude option like Axton. Although all of their characters usually are at least somewhat interesting. Zane is definitely the funnest character to play story wise in any Borderlands.

Normally I don't find any of Borderlands humor laugh out loud funny, most of it is like, "groan worthy funny". But Zane's lines like, "this reminds me of my first piano recital" were legitimately hilarious.

Also, Freddie's intro for his final battle in Handsome Jackpot was pretty fucking funny. Even if his character was mostly annoying up to that point.