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Thread: Couldn't join WARMOTH FORUM!!!

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    Thank you, I'm a genious!

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    You get extra cool points for using a 'Bottom' gif, unintentional or not.

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    Location: Sweden
    ME: Solar A1.6ET
    Rig: Kemper

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    I fucking love Bottom. Seen all series, live videos and movie.

    However it was all on shitty DVDr copies from the age of DC++

    I'm gonna get myself the real DVD boxes whenever I have extra money for it

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    my favorite is the top box that says THIS BOX MUST BE LEFT BLANK : 654654654
    Jesus dies at the end....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg McCoy View Post
    Rejoin? What happened the first type you joined?
    Warmoth's complaints department's special filing room for correspondence from surnames beginning with "F":

    Quote Originally Posted by Drew View Post
    Shit, you don't even have to LIKE Prince. Garret is right.
    In fairness, I didn't know that one, either. Quite like what I've heard of Prince, too.

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    My memories of Prince are, in this order:

    1.) Watching the video for "Cream" on MTV back before I had access to internet porn and having very... alien feelings about what I was seeing/hearing.

    2.) Helping my ex-girlfriend's family move into a trailer they were renting and her stepmother blaring Prince, specifically being in a room alone with her and hearing the songs "Head", "Sexy MF" and "18 & Over"

    3.) The county fair giving the local karaoke guy a spot on the midway. Tall, gruff redneck with a mullet, sandblasted, leathery skin and a 'gunslinger beard' like James Hetfield in the late 80s. During lulls in performers, he'd DJ some songs or have his friends come up. I'd never heard him sing himself but one time I was the only person in the audience and he started playing "Kiss" by Prince, which I'd assumed was the original track, but then once the lyrics come in, he snatches the microphone and starts singing EXACTLY like Prince. If you closed your eyes you'd think you were front row at a Prince concert, bathed in purple spotlights. It was surreal and almost impossible to describe to my friends when I caught up with them later, like it was a dream.

    Also, a few years later, he was arrested because he had a pee-pee camera hidden in his bathroom to film his daughter's friends when they came over. So I guess you can say he was a mixed bag.
    Argbadh - RHLC©

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    Join Date: Apr 2015
    Location: Sweden
    ME: Solar A1.6ET
    Rig: Kemper

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    Seems like a cool guy

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    Hey Rocka....we want you back! Unofficial Warmoth is better with you in it.

    But we have to set the bar somewhere.
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