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    Disco Elysium

    This one just came out back in Mid-October and I gotta say its one of the best cRPGs I've played in a long while. Its pretty unique in the fact that everything you do in the game is heavily dialogue-based with skill checks here and there to account for the lack of a battle system. It actually works really well and I'd argue its more immersive and tabletop-like than a lot of games like this that contain robust battle engines and skill-trees. As far as set and setting you play as an amnesiac detective who is simultaneously trying to piece together his life along with trying to solve a murder that could potentially cause unrest between the striking workers and the mercenaries that just lost one of their men. Due to the memory loss, you're able to put your cop 'back together' anyway you like by coming across Thoughts that act as skill buffs once you've learned them (this takes time which is passed while within dialogue scenarios). This will allow you to gain bonuses on anything from Political affiliations to wanting to be a superstar drug-addled hobo-cop if you so desire. I just finished the game not long ago and while the later game has a few pacing issues and rough patches/spelling mistakes I feel the game has a sort of density to the content that really makes the world feel lived-in and large for actually being a handful of areas in reality.

    So in short, if you really like cRPGs and want a nice refreshing take on the genre definitely pick this one up. It'll take you around 45 hours to complete and you'll be on the edge of your seat in stitches the whole way there. Also to note, there is some very excellent voice work done by Mikee Goodman of SikTh if you're into that and he does a great job of narrating your Brain and Limbic System (yeah, it gets weird).

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