Apex Legends - anyone else playing?
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Thread: Apex Legends - anyone else playing?

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    Apex Legends - anyone else playing?

    My son got me sucked into this game a few months ago. While I'm not a great FPS guy, for some reason this one really has me addicted.

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    Need to try and get back into this one, played on PS4 for a bit but I've played it more on PC honestly. It is a solid shooter and as far as BRs go they put quite a bit of thought behind the mechanics to make it work well.

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    I played it REAL hard when it first dropped on XB1, but then it started getting bogged down with cheaters, and garbage players, and I moved away from the battle royale genre. Of the BRs that I played, I did find this one to be the best of the bunch.

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