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    Join Date: Nov 2012
    Location: Iowa State
    ME: Carvin DC747C
    MB: Ibanez K5
    Rig: Randall RG100SC

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    This is the first thing I ever missed in my life...that I know of.

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    Join Date: May 2009
    Location: Southern Virginia
    ME: Swampcaster
    MA: Fender Sonoran
    MB: Squier Active Jazz 5
    Rig: Rectoverb 50
    Steam: stringslingerofdoom

    iTrader: 7 (100%)

    Wirelessly posted (galaxy s ii)

    I'm thinking about starting a counter strike source clan and entering some tournaments. (specifically but not limited to death match tournaments). Would anyone here be interested in joining such a thing?
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    RHLC East Coast President

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    Join Date: Jan 2010
    Location: Damn near the north pole
    ME: EBMM JP7
    MB: Ibanez SDGR 705
    Rig: Axe Fx II
    Steam: Magwallah

    iTrader: 1 (100%)

    I'll give it a shot. things might have changed for the better.

    Don't worry about people talking behind your back, it just means you're one step ahead and they're in perfect position to kiss your ass!

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    Join Date: Oct 2011
    Location: Buffalo, NY
    ME: RG550/Les Paul
    MA: Taylor GSMiniMahogany
    Rig: PocketPOD/Roland MicroCub
    PSN: poppunkhoodies
    Steam: uzostopthatokcomputergras

    iTrader: 1 (100%)

    BlankPlank and I are going to be racing on GRID II soon...I'm downloading the new NASCAR beta, and CS:Source is always in my book. Let's game guys!

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    Join Date: Oct 2008
    Location: Helsinki, Finland
    ME: 1990-91 Ibanezes
    MA: Seagull S6
    MB: Ibanez SR500
    Rig: Laney IRT Studio

    iTrader: 0

    Steam summer sale is here...

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