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Thread: Gamertags 360/PS3

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    Gamertags 360/PS3

    360 Tags:

    CQ7String777 - Chris
    Virabhadra - Metal Ken
    ruDisturbed - Steve
    atrace1971 - Atrace
    Dropbear Reaper - Max
    Nekomancer84 - Groff
    EvilIncorporatd - Naren
    JJ Rodriguez - Same
    BlankPlank91 - BankPlank
    supertruper1988 - Cameron
    desertdweller56 - Vince
    AlecSea - Aleksi
    Hoverbarns Inc - Chance
    freaklegion206 - Brian
    evermore707 - Digital Black
    Stealthtastic - Same
    Wolfman - OzzyC
    TheSixthWheel - Same
    AdamBath - Elysian
    Kezia1890 - MFB
    KEWB - Same
    F1Filter - Same
    XenoAnthropus - Zero
    xGreenIronFistx - ST2012
    Fear Signal - Vampiregenocide
    stuh84 - Same
    T3MJ1N - Josh
    DelfinoPie - Same
    MFB1890 - MFB
    TGOD EREBUS - Auxioluck
    aldog1330 - aldog1330

    NOTE: If you add your gamertag to your profile, it will show up in this forum and on the XBL leaderboard here:

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    Join Date: Sep 2008
    Location: In the 6.0.3
    ME: Ibanez Jem G-Vine
    Rig: Blinky Lights and Beer
    XBL: ruDisturbed
    PSN: ru_disturbed

    iTrader: 0

    ruDisturbed (360)

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    Join Date: Sep 2008
    Location: The house formerly known as the Haus
    ME: Ibanez S540LTD
    MA: Taylor Big Baby
    Rig: Laney GH50L
    XBL: Dropbear Reaper
    PSN: ibznorange
    Steam: ibznorange

    iTrader: 13 (100%)

    XBL: DropbearReaper
    PS3: Ibznorange
    R.I.P. Guitars Etc
    RHLC Chief Promotions Officer

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    Join Date: Sep 2008
    Location: Galloway, NJ
    ME: Schecter Loomis ToM
    Rig: Randall RM100
    XBL: Nekomancer84
    PSN: Wufl
    Steam: Wulfman15

    iTrader: 3 (100%)

    Nekomancer84 - Xbox live

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    Join Date: Sep 2008
    Location: Texas
    ME: KxK Sii-7
    Rig: Axe-FX II XL+

    iTrader: 0

    PS3: TomAwesome

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    Join Date: Oct 2008
    Location: Tokyo
    ME: Ibanez RGIXL7-ABL
    MB: Ibanez SR505
    Rig: Fractal Audio AX8
    XBL: EvilIncorporatd
    PSN: EvilIncorporated

    iTrader: 0

    XBL: EvilIncorporatd
    PS3: EvilIncorporated

    The only reason the XBL one is missing a letter is because it wouldn't let me enter any more than 15 characters, so I had to get rid of an E.

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    Join Date: Sep 2008
    Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
    ME: KxK BSG7
    Rig: VHT GP3>Axe FX>VHT 2/90/2
    PSN: JJ_Rodriguez

    iTrader: 0

    JJ Rodriguez on XBL.

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    Join Date: Sep 2008
    Location: 7th plane of ethereal hell
    ME: Ibanez UV7PWH
    Rig: VHT UL /AxeFX2 /Mesa RK2
    PSN: SevenDyingTrees
    Steam: 7DT

    iTrader: 8 (100%)

    PS3: SevenDyingTrees

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