People with iPads: what do you do with them/use them for?
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Thread: People with iPads: what do you do with them/use them for?

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    People with iPads: what do you do with them/use them for?

    I've got an opportunity to get one for Christmas... but it's a lot of money, and I'm not entirely sure what I'd do with it beyond what my Droid X, Kindle, and MacBook do already.

    Sell me on one, or sell me on why I shouldn't get one. As of right now, I'm just not sure what I'd do with it.

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    I use it for a good 80% of my web browsing... Maybe lil less..

    Slightly annoying, no flash player.. Audio in tabs shutoff when changing tabs..

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    porn on the toilet.

    But I have a Touchpad, so..

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    My sister plays solitaire on mine.

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    its nice, but there are some drop down menus and order forms that the ipad wont let you fill out properly. i like it, but it definatly cant be your only computer.
    not to mention the fact that you HAVE to have another computer to load content on to it for all the sense that makes
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    Games, web-browsing while laying on the couch, airplane entertainment, reading. But....I sold it about 3 months ago. was super cool, but with an iphone, kindle, MBP.....wasn't super necessary.

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    I...... hate to say it because I love gadgets and tech, but since I have a pretty boss laptop and a Thunderbolt smartphone, I really see no point for the in-between step afforded by a tablet. I have a kindle, but honestly I read most of my books on my smartphone while on an elliptical at the gym in the morning through my kindle app.

    Until tablets really begin taking over laptop duties (which they will, give it time) I don't see me buying one anytime soon, though the Kindle Fire and the new Sony android tablet are damn sexy.

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    My Xoom broke screen broke when I was drunk but I got a Xyboard replacement and I use it for at least 90% of the my web usage.

    My suggestion, grab the iPad. If you don't like it its easy to get most of your money back reselling it.

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