Some really inventive shredding from John 5
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Thread: Some really inventive shredding from John 5

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    Some really inventive shredding from John 5

    This is great.

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    That’s awesome! John 5 rips.
    I bleed BOSS blue. Yoshi Ikegami is my spirit animal.

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    Thats super awesome!!

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    He's definitely a unique-sounding dude; especially how he uses odder guitar sounds in a totally musical way (plus fusing country-ish and other licks and techniques into some really fun tracks).

    First got interested in him when I heard 27 Needles, which was pretty different from most shred stuff you typically hear.

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    Damn. He really is a badass, isn't he?

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    He's a great, very technically accomplished, inventive, and unconventional player whose music I've never been able to get into. I gave Devil Knows My Name a few spins but it never clicked - I'll try to come back and give this a listen later on.
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    I'm getting some serious Buckethead vibes here.

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