Covers that are surprisingly good
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Thread: Covers that are surprisingly good

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    Covers that are surprisingly good

    I don't really see the point of doing a cover that is almost exactly like the original, but Anthrax definitely nailed it way more than I thought they would.

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    I'm not big on covers, but this one? Aces in my book.

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    And then you have the opposite where a band makes a great cover by making it sound completely different.

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    Punk bands always do it well

    ^ Me First & The Gimme Gimmes are a kinda punk supergroup, and covers are their whole deal, so definitely check some of them out.

    I dig the shit out of Fozzy's first two albums, because they were covers of classic metal tracks, but with modern production and playing. So not exactly interesting or different takes on the originals, but very well done none the less

    This is just fucking hilarious

    Honorable mention (although it's, again, a metal band covering another metal band)

    I hate myself to the core for linking a fucking youtuber (let alone three of the bastards in the same video) but fuck it, this is a great job, well executed
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    C'mon, dude, that's not even the best Anthrax cover:

    My personal fave:

    Also, Matty, you're on crack. That cover of "Africa" is everything that's ever been wrong with "metal" covers of anything. It *subtracts* from the original song.

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    Children of Bodom did an amazing Maiden Cover:

    Better than what Testament did on Powerslave. Its a good cover but it's much similar to the original:

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    The song is decent enough but I just like how without changing any of the lyrics the intent of the song is entirely changed from having a crazy time to going on a kill rampage by it being done in the slayer style.

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    Any cover done with the intention of a "psuedo funny" or "look at how whacky" youtube hitcount can get stuffed. That frogleap guy is talented, but I see absolutely zero artistic merit in it. THere's a point where something is so polished and engineered it has no soul, and I find all his stuff has perfected that.

    A cover should, to me, sound like the band/artist and blend in with their repetoire.

    It should also have artistic merit, and I don't really care if that sounds elitist...

    Sorry, but this is the definitive "make the original sound like a cover version" cover:

    I still love this:

    and tools version, another band that just "knows" how to do a cover:

    This is just unrecognisable after the intro:

    Type O always did amazing covers:

    I do like a good well done cover, but fail to see the point if it just sounds the same.

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