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Thread: I don't know what's happening, but I actually like some pop music...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leon View Post
    And not the slam-type, either!
    This got me
    Needs Sleep

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    I try to like pop once in a while, most stuff I just bounce right off. Billie Eilish's music is a bit too sparse for me. I like dense instrumentation and arrangements. Definitely interesting though. Watched her on the Hot Ones youtube show, she seems cool as a person. (Swears like a sailor iiirc )

    On a related note, I will admit to becoming a huge Lady Gaga fan recently. I never paid attention previously - some shit about weird costumes, who cares. Then I watched her movie (the things you'll stoop to trapped for hours on an aeroplane right?). When she started singing I was like "huh, wonder who did the vocals." I had no idea she's an actual, major music talent. Been binge-ing her stuff since, I think she's incredible. (Still don't give a shit about the costumes or videos though.)

    Her music is so good, I even started messing around with making music again, after a 5 year hiatus or something. I have no idea what Lady Gaga has to do with making death metal shred guitar, but apparently there's a connection. Somewhere in my brain anyway.
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    Funny, my fiancee and I just checked out a bunch of her tunes two nights ago because we kept hearing her name and hadn't heard any of her stuff yet. We actually saw this first, then went and checked out her tunes-

    First thing I thought was, "It sounds like she REALLY digs Lana Del Ray". I dig the dark imagery and slightly whacked out persona, as well as not seeing her just showing a bunch of skin like Britney Spears back when I was in high school. I mean, it was GREAT then, but at 36, ya start feeling like a creeper seeing some of that stuff. We weren't overly blown away but I'd check out more as I think there's definitely potential for some really interesting stuff.

    The only pop stuff I take issue with is when it's auto-tuned to fuck and back. While Billie's tunes definitely have some artificial harmonies going on, the auto-tune sound isn't the feature. I really dig the left of center pop stuff, not sure if Die Antwoord fits into the pop realm but I fucking love them. Lady GaGa has kept me entertained quite a bit once I realized she was the real deal. I'm glad she burned out on the glamor/glitz aspect of her career and took a step back. I dunno what she's up to right now but I hope to hear some really cool shit coming from her in the future and I'd LOVE to hear her in a rock band setting.

    I mean, shit, I LOVE catchy music. I tend to draw the line when it starts getting into the hip-hop realm with the Nikki Minaj type of stuff, but if it's got a great melody I certainly won't deny it. Always think it's interesting to hear a new melody over the same 4 chord changes we've heard for years.
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    The first video reminded me of glass animals, you might check them out too. Listening to a couple of these in snippets and reading the thread I don’t think I’d get into this chick in particular, but I agree there’s no shame in checking out pop and liking some of it.


    I have forgotten how to embed again

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    fuck yes
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