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Thread: FFDP Ruins yet another great song by bro-metaling it up.

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    That song might be the worst thing I've heard all year...

    Quote Originally Posted by jacksonplayer View Post

    That's fuckin' show business for you.

    The older I get, the more I realize what a good decision I made in not trying harder to get into the music biz--and that was back when there was a lot of money sloshing around.

    I spent a year in Los Angeles in the early '90s trying to figure it out. the Black Crowes were the band of the moment, and I saw a bunch of guys from Burbank and Encino trying to convince everyone they were "southern rockers". The industry is about 80 percent bullshittery. The really talented people I met were either struggling or were doing things like soundtracks.
    We were out there then too... man, what a dumpster fire. We shoulda never left DC.

    Quote Originally Posted by Drew View Post
    Every time I have a bad day at work and start thinking the grass might have been greener, I remind myself that I have nicer guitars, nicer amps, and a nicer studio than I likely would have had if I tried to make it as a "pro" musician, and unlike those guys I can record and release whatever the fuck I want and not worry if it sells... because I have a job.
    Exactly. Most of the guys I knew back then that never moved on are paupers these days. Too bad we can't all remake lame songs and get paid for it like a nu-metal New Kids On The Block...
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    I don't have a gif for how much 5FDP suck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Also what the fuck is Brian May doing in this video?
    Getting paid.

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