Making game music (new attempt!!!)
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Thread: Making game music (new attempt!!!)

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    Making game music (new attempt!!!)

    The previous thread sucked FUCKING ASS but here's a new one with a completed test composition.
    I made this yesterday in a couple of hours only. It's mostly just to showcase my attempt at late 90s / early 2000s style game music.
    I love games like Age Of Empires 2, Celtic Kings and dig music of RPG games like Zelda: Ocarina Of Time for example.

    Is this even something to bring to the table today?

    What I mean and WANT to do, is get in contact with some indie developer who focuses on "retro RTS / RPG" games from said era.
    But I know I must be more versitile if I'm going to make this work.

    The reason I started making this is because I'm dead tired of trying to make my metal bands going, they are going fucking nowhere, I can't find good singers, so I have pretty much given up and what to pass the time doing something else while I'm regaining my will to continue with my bands. Not that my will is enough to find a singer, but... I need to do something in the meanwhile...

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    My guess would be that developers get 'creative' through agencies - you can probably sign up to an agency to get work sent your way but I would imagine you would need a portfolio of work etc

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    Make as much as you can and then you need to really promote yourself out there. Be prepared to at least work on some free Mod or something to gain not only experience but to show you can do it till the end, Prob with Mods is that very few will see light of day but nevertheless don't let that stop you. All people that work in games that I know started that way, doing and helping on teams doing free Mods to popular games.

    Start following Game Making groups on FB or others Polycount is a great forum to ask for advice since its basically a Game Makers forum. You also have the UNity own forums or the Unreal ones.

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    Yeah I haven't been part of gaming forums for a bazillion years so I guess I have some new stuff to catch up with.

    I will look into that and see what happens!!

    I mailed this song to a game developer who made one of my favorite RTS games ever in the early 2000s, and asked if they need a composer, you never know what happens

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    This was also very Runescape-ish which is awesome. You could always try contacting the developer directly.

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    I was down this route back in the early 2000s. Join the local if you have one. Another resource, granted I was a member along time ago (back in 2002) is G.A.N.G

    Just keep in mind how it works. (at least how it did for me) You connect with an agent or someone who subs out the work. They are going to send you tons of games to pitch for. I had several AAA games put in front of me that I pitched for (It was sub contracted work). It gets a bit overwhelming doing everything for free under a strict deadline. Needless to say only 1 of my shitty songs was picked up for a car racing DVD. One of the games I pitched for was Mortal Kombat. The other submissions were way better than mine. I was bummed but thats how it goes.

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    Video game music! It's cool stuff dude! Also, you could have scored video game points by entering it into the song a week challenge (shameless, unapologetic plug)

    Nice work!

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    This song would kill at MAG Fest. It's a massive Music And Gaming festival in the Washington DC area. I've been going there for years. They have a huge jam space, lots of panels on videogame music, lots of big bands and game developers go there. Last time I was there I ran into the creators of Guitar Hero and spent an evening drinking with them. I mean, I know you are in Sweeden, but if you ever get the chance, definitely check out MAG Fest. They have an active community on reddit, if you go to /r/magfest

    As far as the industry goes, though... I've been to a lot of panels on this, and hung out with a lot of game musicians and game devs at MAG Fest over the years. The bad news is that from a developer perspective, music is dirt cheap. They don't pay much when they license tracks. Indie devs are extremely cheap, because they work with tiny budgets, and indies are probably the ones you can sell your music to right now. Just keep in mind, you are competing with a lot of free public domain and creative commons licensed music if you talk to the indies. The AAA guys do it all in house, and they have musicians who specialize in game music. They make music that has to change fluidly when certain events happen, and those events can happen almost any time. They also have to coordinate with directors and producers, so the music doesn't clash too much with, say, the jumping sound, or a spell casting sound. They can pay well, though. The one guy from Powerglove recently left the band to go work for a AAA game dev, and I know he's probably making bank there. Their composers have to be extremely versatile, though. They don't really hire metal composers or jazz composers. If they hire you to compose, you have to compose in all genres and styles, and come up with ideas that fit the game they are working on.

    So there are ways to have a good career in games music. It's just competitive, just like any music industry work, and just like any other part of the games industry.

    From what I have heard on this video you posted, you seem to be on the right track. It's not too invasive, or repetitive. Lots of chromatic runs, which is usually good. The music usually can't overpower other sounds in a game. I mean... there is no song that is good for all games, but this particular song is good for a lot of games. I am not a game developer in the traditional sense of the term (I dabble in virtual world development), but I think that if you work at it, you should be able to break into the industry, if you keep making songs like this.

    EDIT: I just remembered, at MAG Labs last year I went to a panel on how to develop cartridge video games for consoles like the old Sega and Super Nintendo. MAG Labs is like a mini-MAG Fest. Anyway, I was thinking the guys who did that panel would probably be interested in your stuff, but I can't find info about it anywhere. I've met a few indie devs who still make cartridge games for consoles like that over the years, here and there. So the market for what you want to do exists. I wish I could remember a name, but I was pretty drunk at that panel last year.

    The important point is... you should know that there is a market for what you are doing. Keep digging, something will turn up.
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