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    Mastodon - "Stairway To Heaven"

    I'm just getting up to the solo, but this is pretty sick so far!

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    I feel like every time this gets covered its not really a whole lot different from the original. Nothing really unique gets infused into it. Smashing Pumpkins did it recently too, and it is just a good performance of the song. I'm curious if there are any radically different versions.

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    I consider myself a Mastodon fan, not a huge fan, but I like a lot of their stuff and own Crack the Skye and a couple other albums.

    Had no desire to check this out, but it kept popping up in youtube related so I gave it a click. You can't really judge it without the explanation.

    Respect to Mastodon, that is very cool. If this had just been an issue of Mastodon covering the song of their own volition I would be like, "That shit is so well known why bother?", but in context it's pretty commendable. Covering a song at the behest of someone else as a tribute is always pretty cool.

    Didn't actually listen to it all. Don't dig the vocoder/lo fi stuff on Brann's vocals, would sound better without them. Other than that it sounds pretty good and faithful. Mellotron sounds rad.

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