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    I like the premise of this but I don't give a single fuck about this guy, his band or anything he has to say. Let me know if King Diamond does one though.

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    As a almost 35 year old I have a soft spot for the 'Nurse' album whatever it was called and that song 'Stay together for the kids' not because it has any personal value I just liked the chorus.

    This band were 'entry level' alternative music back in the late 90s and early 00's so I could probably still spin the nurse album and not hate it but I have no idea what any other album of theirs sounds like. I watched the video, he seems like an ok guy and as Matt says its cool to listen to anyone who is really into gear talk about what they like and why etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
    Isn’t this the guy who quit a platinum (albeit shitty) band, to chase UFO’s?
    Essentially, yes. He started down that rabbit hole after a 3 album run that gave them their fame. The rest of the band wanted to get going on another album but he felt committed to what he was pursuing so that led to the first Blink hiatus where he really got into an early U2 Edge style of playing with delays (producing a series of albums under the Angels & Airwaves name). I'll admit that aliens/ufo stuff is maybe too much to take in- I have a hard time believing he is some sort of Neo / "chosen one" who will bring forth the truth. He is kind of a Portnoy type of person who just can't sit idle and has to continuously create.

    One off handed comment in the video is somewhat a backhanded compliment that he told Blink's bassist was that he admires him because "all of this" (Blink's fame / music) is enough for him. It's not that he doesn't like what he was doing with Blink but felt like he needed to keep challenging himself. Anyways, I knew this wouldn't be for everyone. I liked it; I like Blink, and I also grew up in San Diego so..

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    Speaking of his other "ventures".

    Some years ago he was the backer (basically financially ) for this short:

    I worked on it as a Character Rigger among other things. It was a basically home made project done essentially by the Minds of two guys (even though Tom assumed all the creativity it's total Bullshit). Was mostly done in Portugal on 2 living houses using the Kitchen and a small room as "offices" separated by 300Kms. Core team was like 6 people max then the occasional "freelance" guy for specific things.

    The people that totally drove this project was expecting something big to come out of it, sadly it never materialized and the "team" had to break apart and pursuit other things. Meantime it won the Toronto shot film festival but nothing more apart from promises came out. It was the "love" of the two twin guys for Writing, Direction and Animation (and also Blink) that made it all possible.

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