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Thread: Post the one song that defines metal for you the most

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    1 song... I always liked such a diverse blend of songs, this is tough but if I had to pick 1 out of 40 years worth and not ramble on about 20 others?

    Vag Jackson, Man Of Action

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kagami View Post
    Those guys are great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg McCoy View Post
    For all you guys answering Metallica, unless your answer is "For Whom the Bell Tolls", it is objectively wrong.
    ...And your opinion is objectively noted and disregarded

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7 Dying Trees View Post
    Holy shit. Why have I never heard this before? It's so fucking good
    I think that's their best album, but their other albums are awesome too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    Album is a beast

    Didn't their guitarist used to post here? He played caparison horses advanced Ibanez sophos with 27 frets and I believe was ar one point endorsed by both companies. Pretty sure he had a room full of hori
    He used to post on, but I don't think he was ever on (though I could be wrong).

    It's funny because I had actually never heard the band before, but I remembered him promoting it on and I was in the Metal Disk Union in Shinjuku in 2008 looking through the discount metal albums and I saw "Riders of the Plague" by The Absence for about $5 or $6. I picked it up mainly just because I remembered the guitarist from and pretty quickly that song "World Divides" became one of my all-time favorite songs.

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    No mention of death yet?

    Flesh and the Power it Holds...especially for you lyrically inclined dudes

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