Dealing with reverb returns?
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Thread: Dealing with reverb returns?

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    Dealing with reverb returns?

    So, I sold a GForce to a guy in the states via reverb. He got it, sent me a message saying he'd tested it, and all good, left me a 5 star review, this was 2 weeks ago.

    Now, today, I've got a refund request, with the message:
    Hi James When I first got the unit I tested it using my guitar to the unit's input and connecting headphones to the unit's output and everything was working fine while I tested it for like a minute or so. I finally got time this weekend to connect and test all my setup and unfortunately it seems there is a problem with the G force. There seems to be some sort of white noise and volume fluctuation that randomly comes and goes when you are using the unit.
    now, if it was not working when he got it or the like, fine, i can understand that, but 2 weeks later? He even sent me a pic with it it in his rack the day he got it.

    So, what do I do? I had listed as no returns unless it arrived damaged or different from description.

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    Well I would say that if he didn't noticed it during the first 15 days then its most certain Bullshit... and even if it isn't... 15 days is a bit long to have it not properly tested. I know I know everybody is super busy, but thats your problem if you don't test thing properly when getting them.

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    Sending pix of it in his rack means he

    A) had time to put it there
    B) which means he had time to make sure it works
    C) time to spill beer on it/hook it up improperly or otherwise screw the proverbial pooch.

    I'd kindly apologize, point out how he told you it worked fine, then point to your shop policies, that he agreed to when he purchased it, stating no returns. #NoShoesNoShirtNoDice
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    Sounds like he either has buyers remorse and is full of shit, or the power in his house is lousy and he doesn't use any kind of conditioner on it.

    Both of those things aren't your problem.

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    Have him send an email to TC, they are super responsive and helpful. Sounds like user error.

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    I'd get in touch with Reverb CS. Explain the situation, send them the pictures of it in his rack, point out that the unit was sold "as-is," and tell them that you're not interested in returns at this point. Might throw in that he tested it and he's had time since then to screw the pooch with this item.

    Reverb CS has, in the past, gone to bat over people trying to hose me (mostly shit not being shipped to me after purchase.) But there was a pedal I sold someone that required a specific power supply that was included in the deal. He squealed that he should be able to use it with any power supply (including his pedalboard brick) and that he'd never heard of any pedal with a specific power requirement.

    It all ended up working out for me, but Reverb did get involved.
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    I'd like to think the 5 star rating he left you is enough for Reverb to back you on this, but I've dealt with some real fucking dummies at Reverb CS too...
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    A couple years ago, I had sold a guitar to someone on Reverb who left me 5 stars and a good review. Several days later (4-5 or so), he messaged me saying the truss rod was loose and sliding freely out of the cavity. He even took a close-up picture (one where you couldn't see the entire headstock).
    He went on to say that the guitar was in the box I shipped it in the entire time he had it, and he had "literally just pulled it out of the box".

    I messaged Reverb before I even responded to him and told them what happened and that he was now asking for a refund.
    The buyer literally had two 5-star reviews, whereas, all 100+ of mine were 5-stars.

    Reverb said, "We'll pay for return shipping to you, but you're going to have to refund his money."

    I refunded his money, unhappily. And the guitar was shipped back to me.

    I inspected the guitar when it got here loose truss rod.
    I took it to a guitar tech-friend and he also found nothing wrong with the truss rod.

    I let Reverb know, and they said, "If you sell it again, we'll wave the fees."

    In the end, I sold it on Craigslist.

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