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Thread: MG.Org Facebook page?

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    There is a FB page, but it's quiet as well:

    The link to it is at the top right of every page (little icons at the top). Forums in general aren't what they used to be, but it's also summer - people are outside.

    The "Enchanced Mobile View" is awful, but if you exit that shit IMO the regular mobile skin isn't too bad.

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    I just view desktop version on my phone and it works fine.

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    ME: Suhr Modern
    Rig: Axe-Fx II / 5150

    iTrader: 34 (100%)

    Seriously tho, the mobile skin is nice. I even went through and doctored it up so it's faster and doesn't display most of the images. Just pick "Exit Enhanced Mobile View" from the dropdown menu in the top left.

    FWIW, I have nothing to do with the enhanced thing and I think it sucks too.
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    Also, fuck Facebook groups. I personally like the forums being separate from social media but also, I've always considered the forums to be more of an information compendium whereas the FB groups are more like news/classifieds in realtime with shitty cataloging/archiving. The fact you have to be an FB member and signed in just to view the groups is annoying enough, the limited searchability is even worse.

    Say what you want about the forum traffic but if you punch in a question into Google, see which sends you a coherent explanation. If anything I think Reddit is maybe closer to being useful than FB but still not as useful as the ol Bulletin Board.
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    The more we stay away from facebook the better.

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    It's summertime... Always less traffic. Go play outside!
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    I quit social media a year and a half ago, if MG moves exclusively to there, then you can count me out

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    I occasionally look at the FB group for

    More often, I visit the forum on a PC. I agree that a FB group is not a substitute for the conversation on the forum.

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