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Thread: MG.Org Facebook page?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Assault Bacon View Post

    More often, I visit the forum on a PC. I agree that a FB group is not a substitute for the conversation on the forum.

    The amount of info I have searched that sends me to sometimes a decade old forum threads is just priceless. We can't do that on any other "interactive media" platform. Sadly Forums are dying and it's all forums not just Music/Gear etc. How many under the age 20-25 still use Forums or have ever used them?

    Then comes the reverse of the Medal.. it's easier to go on FB and ask for the millionth time if EMGs (that the person already bought...) are going to sound Brootal on their Ash with Burlap top and 25 pieces Neck with Hipshot Tuners and SS Frets. Matter of seconds you have 10-20 replies than can range from Yes, Who knows, nope all EMG's suck. Even if there is relevant and interesting information it totally gets diluted on the sheer amount of comments. Comments that FB might even not show you due to their Algorithms... Replying directly to someone is also almost impossible, unless you are among the first repliers.

    Forum 4 Life but its a "lost battle"

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    I enjoy being on here.

    But I don't mind connecting with you guys on FB either.

    However, I love the forum. It's more "Private" so to speak.
    If anyone has any prayer requests, need to talk, or have questions about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Feel free to message me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MFB View Post
    I quit social media a year and a half ago, if MG moves exclusively to there, then you can count me out

    in b4 Tombstone "bye" gif
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    Belladonna Anthrax?

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    You guys and your stupid smartphones

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    I'm on here a bunch every day too. I don't always post, but I enjoy readings things on here much more than facebook. It is much easier to go back and reference posts anyway. Screw facebook groups.

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    ^ I feel the same

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocka_Rollas View Post
    You guys and your stupid smartphones

    Accidentally gluing your phone to you hand doesn't count

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