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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    I mean, the Rockerverb and TH30 are great and very usable amps for what I do. Don't get the hate.
    I absolutely love the OR15 and RV50. Great amps, with a different but still British flavor.

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    I was being facetious, mocking myself for having that attitude about an amp. I've never tried one that I gelled with, ever, but i can't say I've ever spent enough time with one to "get" it. Ty Tabor seems to coax a sick tone out of one so I can't really talk. But this is a guy who could plug a potato into the lighter socket of a Ford Capri and still get a better tone than most people.
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    I can only imagine how many calls you get from Sweetwater after doing a video for them. "Hi, this is Tim from Sweetwater, how is that YouTube working out for you?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattayus View Post
    I just thought it was a cool observation. It goes some way to explain why people flat-out dismiss certain gear, amps and pickups especially, because it didn't react with their specific playing nuances, but rather than adjust to it, we just go "nah, it's not for me".
    I think that's a cool observation, but I also think it's totally fair to have preferences in the way an amp responds, and look for something that just compliments how you play well.

    I feel like this about most modern marshalls - they have a very edgy, attack-focused gain voicing to them, and while I've heard plenty of other people sound great plugged into them, it's just a sound and a response that's all wrong for me and I've never really been able to get on with. It's part of why I'm so drawn to Mark-style Mesas, because the response is 180 degrees in the other direction, thick and spongy and smooth. It's funny, I though I hated all Marshalls until I DID get to plug into an older plexi, and holy shit, did I get it. Not even a JCM800 had that spongy chewy feeling to the response.
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    Those resurrected Supros were actually designed by a college dorm mate of mine. Awesome dude. He left the brand a while back but he did all their pedals and heads. Total circuit genius but he's the biggest 60s-70s "authentic rock and roll" throwback you will find. Like, "smoke weed and design circuits all day" kinda throwback.

    Phil X is also the coolest, needless to say. Love that dude.

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