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Thread: Who else has sig gear by an artist they don't care about or like?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdave View Post
    I bought my Wolfgang because of its sound, not because of Edward, same with the amp, but it sure doesnt look that way lol. Many times I have seen many signature model guitars I liked because the specs are more what I want, nothing to do with the artist. I picked up the Wolfgang the day it came into my friends music store, there where people playing and lots of noise but even holding it not plugged in, it felt alive and acousticly loud , I had to have it.

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    Those are such nice guitars, they're on my short list of things I hunt for on ebay during late night GAS attacks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg McCoy View Post
    Man, I feel like ESP/LTD was on the right path with a semi hollow Les Paul design with an F hole and then some idiot burst into the meeting and was like,

    "What if we totally ruined this guitar by making it an offset?"
    It sucks because they briefly made semi-hollow Les Pauls. For like one year in 1998 and again in 2003.

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    The only sig I currently own that would fit this category is the Fender Mike Mandel P-Bass. It's a fuckin' killer bass (needs a pickup change, though)--the Foo Fighters association is the only thing I *don't* like about it!

    In the past, I've owned several sigs by artists I don't care about:

    Jackson COW-7
    Jackson Futura (Kip Winger sig and the same one Garrett owned)
    LTD RA-600 -- great 24.75" shredder that I wish I hadn't sold, but I couldn't pick Rob Arnold out of a police lineup.
    LTD JH-600 -- never been a Slayer fan

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    LTD SC607b. I've never been a fan of the Deftones, never will be, but that was a sweet guitar, lol! I wanted a baritone 7 string and the only disappointment was me not getting on with 7 strings. A friend made an offer and I promptly sold it and got my Charvel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Those are such nice guitars, they're on my short list of things I hunt for on ebay during late night GAS attacks.
    This one was made the day after Christmas 98, which I believe was the first stop tails. I have never had to fix or change anything, even the frets are still good. After you get used to the ergonomics its weird to play some other guitars, these balance perfectly, and the basswood/arch maple cap just rings so good...love that damn guitar.

    Who else has sig gear by an artist they don't care about or like?-jtar4-jpgWho else has sig gear by an artist they don't care about or like?-evh-neck-jpg
    Vag Jackson, Man Of Action

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    I have a dean razorback with the explosion finish. It's great in drop A with the right string gauge, but in standard tuning with 9s its just really really heavy to carry around.

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    I've got one of Vinnie Paul's full size snare drums custom wrapped and signed by him. It's got the rattlesnake wrapping on it.

    From the great southern trendkill days

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegetta View Post
    I have a Brent Hinds Terror. I like Mastodon ok but am not a super fan. I don't really listen to them all that often.
    I actually got into Mastodon because I was looking at Les Pauls and the Halcyon was one of the only Les Pauls I've seen where I get that have to have one feeling from it. So I looked it up and its weird how similar their gear tastes and mine are.

    Mine is my Dave Murray Strat. Don't get me wrong, I love Dave Murray and Iron Maiden as much as everyone else does, but I couldn't give 2 shits that it's his sig guitar. It actually has a bit of a story behind it that makes it the perfect guitar for me.

    When I started learning guitar there were 3 kinds of guitars to me, Strats, Les Pauls and hollowbodies like Chuck Berry and BB King played. I'm only 27, but I did my best to live under a rock even then.
    I wanted to play punk, so I didn't want a guitar like BB King, and I was a teenager so I definitely didn't want a guitar like my dad, so I've always gone for LP styled guitars.

    We've always argued like Ford and Chevy guys about Strat vs Les Paul. But when I'd go stay with him on the weekends in high school, I'd stay up until dawn playing his Strat because it's the second best guitar I've ever played. The Les Paul he bought me for a graduation present is #1.

    I've tried the LTD and Ibby superstrats, but they didn't cut it. So I started looking at Strats. I found a Dave Murray one, it was a sunburst like my dads, but it had 3 humbuckers, Floyd Rose and a pearl guard, and that's different enough to satisfy my inner teenager. Well I had to text my dad and tell him I finally bought a damn Strat, do you want to borrow it when you play with your band? I re-stringed his for him for a back up and the sumbitch put a pearl guard on his. And he loved how it sounded and how you could really fine tune it with the Floyd Rose. It really doesn't help that my wife keeps reminding me the older I get the more I act like him.

    So I put an aged white guard and a Lonestar Beer sticker on mine, and it's back to being different enough because I know he'll bitch about putting a sticker on a guitar.

    And my numero uno...

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