SLAYER - Just saw them for the last time
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Thread: SLAYER - Just saw them for the last time

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    SLAYER - Just saw them for the last time

    Coming almost on purpose to my country to go watch them and having had a huge stress of a canceled flight, another in hurry and expensive booking and instead of a direct flight I had to change planes in Madrid... only to arrive 8 hours later than predicted and my Luggage (with a dismounted RG550 Genesis inside) was lost...

    Anyway, venue had 6 bands, missed the first two and entered while Moonspell was starting, then Gojira followed with their amazing and hypnotic wall of sound... even though I kept saying for the past 20 years that I'm too old for the Mosh Pit except if its Slayer playing, but... I just couldn't resist.

    Lamb of God followed and I had decided I need to catch my breath while they played, knowing the crowd would be intense I moved to the side abit.. shit... 5 min later I was inside on the the biggest if not the biggest Circle Pit I had seen in my County.

    Then.. the main Attraction and fuck me!!! Slayer fucking delivered all set, no talk during first 3 songs, just sheer and pure Slayer Sonic Power with good old Speed Thrashing fucking METAL.

    I was kid again... I was fucking 17 again!!! WTF were these dudes doing to me? Im too old for this shit, but there I was either on Circle(s) or between 2-3 Circles at same time when needed to catch breath and recharge batteries.

    Insane night, Insane performances of all 4 bands and Slayer were like four 20 year old guys Thrashing your face off all night and for 2 hours +/-.

    Advise: DONT MISS them, it's a last chance to see them and really trust me when I say they were on their peek yesterday. It was unbelievable. Hadn't seen them for more than 20 years and it was just outstanding. If they played today same place I would had to go get a ticket to see it all again.

    I'm impressed for a Show like I haven't been in a long time!!! Mayde me forget the past hellsih 24 hours of stress flight and no Luggage. Lucky the luggage showed up today and the Genesis is fine and already assembled
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    So cool. I'd love to see Gojira and Slayer together. I saw Slayer on the Hell Awaits tour, 3 times on Reign in Blood and once more a few years later. Never seen Gojira, but can only imagine. And, super glad your stuff arrived intact.
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    It was Insane.

    End of the show Tom just stayed there looking at us for long moments, like saying its our last time here we will never see each others again as a Band performing. He thanked us all with his eyes and body language. The he went from side to side of the stage and took a long look to the entire audience, no words spoken just looking at us.^

    Have super blurry pics because it was impossible to stand still right at front.

    Thank you SLayer for making my youth as my fav band for some many years and thank you for providing em one last and an amazing show.

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    Their set list for this whole farewell tour has been static so that probably helps them deliver a solid show at this point. I saw them last summer and most of what you describe could apply to my show as well. Repentless may not have been a strong ending album for their career but their farewell tour set list has been solid.

    BTW, anyone catch the teaser video narrated by Danny Trejo that Slayer released recently? They’re teasing some “final chapter” release in October. Final tour CD/DVD?...

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