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Jesusfuck, some of you sound like a bunch of too-much-free-time boomers having a five page debate about some fat kid's weight. I'm really trying to remember the point in my youth when I was like, "Should I or shouldn't I listen to this band Crowbar because the guys aren't skinny and hot?" Yeah, because that didn't happen.

Honestly, he makes some funny memes (which you're all coming across just NOW?!), his legit music is a lot more serious and quite good (granted he does a lot of ambient stuff, so steer clear if you don't like that, I guess), and his taste in music is pretty awesome and he's introduced me to cool shit like Sleep Token.
Come on man, that was a whole page ago, since then there have been unrelated videos, inside jokes and five corporate mergers, try to keep up will ya?!