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Thread: Storm Muhammed Suicmez' House to find the New Necrophagist album

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    Partly because of this thread, I watched this, even though I thought it would be very busman's holiday for me (I help Germans communicate in English for a living, this is one German guy interviewing another in English for the international audience):

    I was able to put the language aspects aside because it turned out to be a very informative and well-structured piece. Münzner is an inspiring dude. As a Racer X-aholic I very much approve of what he's now doing with Eternity's End, though I've not quite listened through the second album yet. <- "It takes two, baby!" Harmony shredding!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blankplank View Post
    You mean this video? Complete with lyrics?
    First, that was bloody awful.

    Second, his little message of making fun of MG is now completely lost in this day and age since every forum, social network site and any form of internet interaction between humans are chock full of the kind of people he's trying to make fun of.

    Third, this microtonal for the sake of microtonal needs to stop. Especially in metal when all those nuances are lost in the mush of distortion and grunting.

    Fourth, that really was awful.

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