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    Speaking of wasting away Finns, did Jari ever get his sauna?
    Jesus dies at the end....

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    The best part of CoB was always Roope. It was always kind of an awesome heartwarming story that Alexei had started a band and got one of his childhood heroes in the other guitar spot. Stone isn't super big in the US compared to Scandinavia, but it was cool to see him still out there having fun with an entirely different generation.

    It wasn't poser shit like Machine Head either. Where some legit 80s thrash guys went on to write poser music. CoB wasn't my absolute favorite style of music, but they had a lot of fun songs and were a legit ripping band on a ton of levels, even if I wasn't crazy about their direction on some of the later stuff.

    I also like his playing better than Alexei's. Alexei is a sick player, but we already have Yngwie, so I'm not that crazy on his style. Roope is a ripper.

    Pretty much single handidly responsible the absolutely massive Jackson fanbase in many parts of Scandinavia too. Roope is the reason that a lot of the most bitching US Jacksons from the 80s end up in Scandinavia. People associate that style of Rhoads more with Alexei now, but the only reason he played them in the first place is because Roope played Rhoads like that in Stone. The dude has great taste in guitars and tones and is funny as fuck.

    That dude is a blast too. He's like the Scandinavian Chris Holmes with his shit slightly more together. I love watching his interviews.

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    Also, Roope knows how to do some truly killer solos. I fucking love his guest solo on this track.

    Sad to see him leave CoB.

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