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but this is the first I've heard of him having a drug addiction
There was a ton of mystery surrounding the line-up changes, canceling shows, etc for years and speculation the whole project was done, with some whispers it was addiction related. Then "In Becoming a Ghost" came out and Keene was very candid about it being about his fight with addiction. There's an especially good interview he gave on the road in support of the album while he was clean and he laid it all out there. Unfortunately that SAME tour, those same thing started happening, shows being cancelled last minute because Keene was "sick", the band coming out and playing without him, etc. and everyone knew he was back to his old routine.

Having seen a number of people dealing with addiction, I understand the need to make music as an outlet and also to make a living, but at a certain point encouraging it to continue is also enabling addiction to continue. To some extent, I find the situation enabling Al to be just as dire.

That said, this is still the embodiment of everything that is awesome about Tech Death