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Thread: Quiet Riot attempt to sweep "Worst of 2019" Awards with New Album

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    Musically I think it sounds really good. I like the drums especially.

    Vocals are extremely flat tho

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    Wow. That's Jizzy Pearl?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DonBot View Post
    Wow. That's Jizzy Pearl?
    Yeah. If there is one thing I know for god damn certain, it's that if a track is credited to Jizzy Pearl, it's definitely by Jizzy Pearl. Those commercials that say, "Identity theft can happen to anyone." are full of shit. Identity theft has never happened to Jizzy Pearl.

    There's a near infinite number of reasons to not use the stage name "Jizzy Pearl", in fact that's what drives those thinktanks of scientists who try to find the next massive prime number, they haven't found the number of reasons to not use the stage name "Jizzy Pearl" yet, but the one positive is it's not like the black metal guys who go by the name "Lord Baphomet" and there are like, 200 Lord Baphomets fighting over who should have the right to the name or who used it first.

    Every band has some dude who's nickname is "Snake", but if your stage name is "Jizzy Pearl" no one is going to walk up to you one day and be like, "I'm the real Jizzy Pearl, I challenge you for the right to use that stage name".

    That dude doesn't even have a unique social security number, I bet he never gets carded. No one is going to be like, "Prove you're the real Jizzy Pearl". If a dude says he's Jizzy Pearl, it's obviously Jizzy Pearl.

    They say that immigrants are willing to cross the border to do any terrible job, but I challenge you to find one immigrant who would cross the border for the job of "Jizzy Pearl impersonator". That's not what they think of when they think of crossing the border to find a better life.

    In fact, if you never want to get phone calls from tele-marketers, just place a classified ad in the paper that reads "Jizzy Pearl impersonator wanted" with your phone number listed. No one is ever going to call that shit. "Someone not Jizzy Pearl pretending to be Jizzy Pearl" is a social caste so low Hinduism doesn't even have a term for it yet. They say that working at the copyright office is a fairly low risk job in terms of the chances of an on the job fatality happening, but I bet a clerk dies from convulsive fits of laughter every time Jizzy Pearl comes in and tries to trademark his name. No one is ever going to infringe on that copyright.

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    It's interesting to hear an album where the philosophy behind the bass in ...And Justice for All was applied to the guitars. I wonder if the guitarist(s) pissed off whoever mixed this and they decided to take revenge.
    C'mon son.


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    My God, Greg is right. This is at demo level.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    The singer's name is "Jizzy Pearl"?


    And how is Frankie Banali on this rubbish? He's fucking awesome, he can't possibly need this paycheck.
    The things you can learn reading Blabbermouth...

    The singer on this album is actually this guy, who was on American Idol and was in QR for a couple years:


    He just quit last month but is the singer on this album.

    On the other hand, how can any band go wrong with JIZZY PEARL in the lineup???

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    looks like they spent all of $3 on the cover art.

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    Wow, I'm pretty sure they must have said "lets find the most bland, and boring guitar solo ever, and then record it for this song, but worse." That was Nick Jonas/Lil' Wayne levels of bad.

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