DeWolff cement title of "best 60s/70s throwback band" with forthcoming new album
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Thread: DeWolff cement title of "best 60s/70s throwback band" with forthcoming new album

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    DeWolff cement title of "best 60s/70s throwback band" with forthcoming new album

    I fucking love this band. This one's not out til early next year, but they are already dropping videos and shit. Normally on "wannabe retro stuff" it's obvious that it's modern stuff emulating a retro vibe, like Greta Van Fleet and terrible shit like that, but these guys routinely put out records that are indistinguishable from something you would actually hear on classic rock radio and think, "who is this obscure '60s/'70s band? I've never heard these guys before". Reminds me of Atlanta Rhythm Section on these new recordings. The only hint that this is something more modern is the fact that the vocalist is obviously foreign and has a sort of weird intonation/tonality that doesn't pass for a native English speaker. In spite of that, the harmonies are awesome.

    Bass playing is also sick as fuck. Kudos to them on a proper "trve kvlt" recording process too. To me this album sounds more authentic than the throwback stuff done in high end studios. It has the right frequency footprint of being more mid centric and not too hi-fi. Gorgeous sound.

    This new one is a little more '70s pop. They also do more "rockin' " stuff. This one is an older one, but hopefully there will be more rocking stuff on the new one too.

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    If you're into throwback-y stuff that isn't blatantly ripping off Led Zeppelin, check out White Denim:

    Lot's of classic rock influence with a bit of funk, soul, and twang thrown in. I found myself playing them at parties and on road trips with non-metalhead friends. Enough guitar to keep me interested, but not aggressive enough to turn others off. Plus, it's not vapid, top-40 bullshit.

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    I like that White Denim album. Haven't checked out their more recent ones. One thing I like is how they bring out their influences in measured quantities. They never sound too much like any one thing. Closest thing I can think of is Bare Trees-era Fleetwood Mac, especially the Danny Kirwan songs.

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