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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg McCoy View Post
    But yeah, the Ozzy era material needs Ozzy, if you don't think so, listen to Dio do his stuff on the Live Evil album.

    Dio is one of my favorite vocalists/lyricists of all time, and definitely a "better" vocalist than Ozzy, but that material needs Ozzy. That's why Heaven and Hell was such a good call as a project. During his 80s tenure with Sabbath Dio did Ozzy era songs live, and it just didn't click. Those songs need Ozzy, just like the Dio era tracks need Dio.
    Dio tends to sing across bar lines, while Ozzy follows the riff. Consequently, Dio just sound weird singing Ozzy lines.

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    When he was younger, Ozzy had a good ear for catchy melody. Iommi and Butler have always relied on the singers to come up with the vocal melodies, and Ozzy's love of the Beatles served him well. Early on, he often just "sang the riff" in unison with Iommi, but later in the 70s he became pretty creative in that regard. He was never a great live singer, especially in the later '70s and early '80s when he began singing more at the top of his range.

    What he's lacked for a long time is a strong songwriter. Bob Daisley and Rhoads/Lee/Wylde wrote a lot of great songs together for him, but it's been dreck since those guys were out of the picture. I don't know why Ozzy stopping bringing his touring guitarists into the writing process. It's not like the results from his 'professional writing teams' are very good. These two new songs are 'okay', but the writing seems very phoned-in and jaded. The production is crap too, but it does sound very 'modern', I have to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    And here's Sabbath, playing another great song and completely kicking ass:

    46 years after they wrote it.
    Master of Reality might be my favorite album of all time.

    When I was in a Sabbath tribute playing bass for a couple years (still hoping to resurrect that one), this was my favorite song. IMO probably the heaviest of all time, and it was written in '71.

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