Claymorean (Serbia) new song (written by me)
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Thread: Claymorean (Serbia) new song (written by me)

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    Claymorean (Serbia) new song (written by me)

    Serbian band CLAYMOREAN has released a single from their upcoming album and I got the honor to give a song to them!
    I wrote this probably 6-7 years ago but I never found a place for it until I got in touch with Claymorean guitarist Vladimir through another side-project... The Claymoreans was a fan of my music, and I was a fan of theirs... Vlad explained he had a "writers block" for the moment and I proposed to give them a song I never used for another project.

    I think they made a BRILLIANT adaptation of it, and I'm so happy it finally got released!!

    Here's some of my favorite songs of theirs:

    Unreal vocal delivery after 1:29

    They have a kick-ass Manowar cover with some of the most fierce vocal performances you will ever hear.
    The high notes at 3:44 gives chills every time

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    Cool song
    I especially like the open clean passages.
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    Sounds great! My wife is Serbian and I have been there many times.

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